Sister Wives: Here’s what Kody Brown said that Meri Brown publicly disagreed with

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown of Sister Wives sat down for another interview ahead of Sunday’s new episode to discuss her husband Kody Brown’s statements about their relationship having ‘no value.’ Meri talked with Christina Garibaldi of Us Weekly about Kody’s statements

When Christina asked Meri about the statements that Kody made recently, Meri had this to say: “I did not agree with that statement then, nor do I now because I think there is value to it,” referencing the comments Kody made during a February episode of Sister Wives.

“It’s always hard looking back over, you know, some of the not so good and not so graceful moments of the show.” She continued, “Honestly, it made me a little bit sad when I saw that was where he was, but at the same time, that was where he was.”

“And I have to honor and respect that,” she explained. “I can’t control what he thinks or feels. All I can do is show up as the best version of me.”

Meri claims that Kody has always encouraged her to think for herself

Meri said that Kody has told her that she has the freedom to think and do as she pleases and when asked whether she’s ever considered leaving Kody she said, “He’s always said, ‘I am not going to be one of those people that are, like, “You committed to me, so now you have to stay. You’re stuck.’ … You are free to do whatever you want.”

Meri talked about the dark place in her life about six years ago when she was cat-fished and felt out of control. She said, “I went through a time where I was considering what I wanted to do and I was considering all options and what that would look like.”

“I can only speak to myself to make a decision in a dark time when you are in a place of pain or hurt or sorrow or whatever, it is not the time to make a decision. Even through that, I made the decision to stay.”

Meri is committed to the family

“This is my family. Six years ago, my decision was to stay and figure it out. This is where I made the commitment. And this is where I am.”

Meri seemed to once again defend Kody’s actions and not speak out against him in any way. Fans of the show who are fond of Meri find it hard, season after season, to watch her suffer emotionally.

Meri and Kody have a tumultuous history, and it seems that their estranged marriage is nothing more than amicable, as Kody described it. Kody’s first wife seems to keep holding onto hope, however.

Meri portrays her life as happy and fulfilling, but what viewers see on the show is something different. It seems she keeps busy these days with her businesses and helping daughter Mariah plan her wedding to fiancée, Audrey. 

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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