Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown is getting her own TLC spinoff

Is Meri Brown getting her own spin-off?
Fans want Meri to have her own show following Kody Brown drama. Pic credit: TLC

Sisters Wives fans think Meri Brown is getting her own TLC spinoff as she continues to forge her own path without Kody Brown.

It has been quite a year for Meri. There has been speculation she finally left Kody and life in polygamy. She has been sharing her life on social media with positive quotes and messages that prove Meri is living her best life.

The future of Sister Wives remains up in the air. Christine Brown accidentally spilled a filming secret during a Facebook to promote her business of selling, LuLaRoe clothing. However, TLC has not yet given a new season order for the Brown family reality TV show.

Fans want Meri to have her own show

One Redditt thread got the spinoff ball rolling a couple of months ago. Several users were excited about the prospect, even agreeing the past season was set up for Meri to land her own TV gig.

There is no question fans are super excited to see Meri branch out on her own. She has become a fan favorite over the years, and people want to watch the next chapter of her life unfold on television. The new show could focus on Meri’s businesses and her daughter Mariah.

One suggestion even had Meri appearing on some sort of reality dating television show. Not like The Bachelorette but perhaps a show that followed Meri going on various dates from an app or arranged by friends.

What are the chances Meri will get TLC spinoff?

Fans are all for Meri having a spinoff on TLC, but they also know Kody would lose his mind if she gets her own show.

Fans want Meri Brown to have her own TLC show.
Pic credit: @MeriBrown/Instagram

The family has been plagued with financial troubles for years. It is reportedly one of the reasons the Brown family moved to Flagstaff. Kody won’t want to lose his reality television cash cow and we’re talking about the TLC show, not Meri.

A reality TV show focused solely on Meri could mean the beginning of the end of Sister Wives. The network has already been on the fence with the show. Fans will recall Sister Wives was almost canceled years ago, but Kody agreed to a pay cut.

There is certainly a lot more that goes into deciding if Meri will get a spinoff show or not. So the chances of fans getting their wish is anyone’s guess, especially since she has given no indication she wants to own show.

Meri Brown is living life on her terms these days. Fans are hopeful one of those terms will lead to Meri getting her own TLC spinoff.

Do you think Meri deserves a reality TV show?

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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3 years ago

Meri has been shut out ever since she legally divorced Kody. Robin rules the roost and Kristine is a sheep with a big mouth.

Teresa Davidson
Teresa Davidson
3 years ago

I hope that she gets it she deserves it after all they put her through she is a beautiful lady and Cody was so mean to her she was the star of the show to me