Sister Wives fans are ready for Meri Brown to make up her mind about One House idea

Sister Wives fans are ready for Meri Brown to make up her mind about One House idea
Is Meri Brown’s Sister Wives fans turning on her? Pic credit: @lularoemeribrown/Instagram

For a time, it seemed that fans were starting to feel really bad for Meri Brown on Sister Wives.

Kody Brown divorced Meri, the first wife he ever had, in order to marry Robyn and things just went down after that.

When she was caught in a catfishing scandal, it made her look bad but there were still fans who saw her as the victim, a member of a loveless relationship who was often on the outside looking in.

Now, Meri Brown is losing some of those fans.

Meri Brown causing drama on Sister Wives

When Kody Brown started talking up his One House dream, where all four wives would live in one house as one big family, three of the wives were adamantly against it.

That included Meri Brown.

The more that Kody pushed the idea, the more fans turned on him because it seemed he didn’t care about what any of his wives (including his “favorite” Robyn) thought of the idea.

However, now it seems Kody isn’t the only one trying to make drama where there should be love and compromise.

Meri Brown has always talked about wanting to have her own house on a plot of land covered with trees.

Kody Brown created a land plan where each wive’s home would sit and fans thought he was pushing Meri off into the woods.

However, it seems he was giving her what she claimed she always wanted — a house surrounded by trees.

So, what happened?

Meri Brown complained about the trees. She claimed it blocked out the sunlight. She also was noncommittal, not admitting if she wants it and not saying she doesn’t want it.

Remember when Robyn stood up for her and Kody blew up at everyone? The frustration is real here, and Kody might not be the only villain, as far as fans are concerned.

Fans turning on Meri Brown on Sister Wives

While fans feel bad for Meri, as well as the other Sister Wives, with how Kody Brown treats them on the show, there are now fans that see that Meri might be pushing his buttons.

The Hollywood Gossip also has a series of fan complaints about the way Meri Brown has been acting in recent weeks.

“After all is said and done,” one commenter said. “Merry needs just to say where she wants her house to be.”

“I’m generally Team Meri because I generally feel like he treats her like a Step Wife,” another said, “However, this past episode she was a bit ridiculous.”

So, what will happen next between Meri Brown, Kody Brown and the other three Sister Wives? We will have to tune in to find out.

Sister Wives airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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4 years ago

I like Meri! She has put up with his crap for a long enough time, her entire adult life. Shame on him! He is only loyal to himself:(

Rita Ford
Rita Ford
4 years ago

I don’t like the way Kody did Meri when they were still married.Meri wanted to have a baby an Kody didn’t an he said so. Then Meri divorced him so him an Robyn cld get married an Kody cld adopt Robyn’s kids. Then her an Kody started having kids, Meri was pushed away an Kody seams to blame Meri for everything…Every time u look at Robyn she is crying about something.. Meri isn’t the only one that can’t make up her mind neither can Robyn…