Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s daughter Mykelti admits to firing brother Paedon

Mykelti in a snapshot from her Instagram page. Pic credit: @Mykeltip /
Mykelti and Tony Padron reveal they are having a baby girl. Pic Credit: @MykeltiP/Instagram

The Brown family of Sister Wives consists of 4 moms, 1 dad, and 18 children (some of whom have kids of their own). With  such a large family, there’s bound to be occasional feuds among members.

Most recently, eighth child Paedon Brown has been in the spotlight for his squabbles with multiple siblings.

On Tuesday night, Paedon’s big sister Mykelti Brown Padron was running a sale for the online clothing retailer Lularoe when she disclosed that she had fired her brother from working in shipping and distribution for her.

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Mykelti answers fan’s question, admits to having fired employees

Mykelti, who is currently pregnant with her first child, was joking about being a strict boss to her husband Tony Padron, who had been stepping up to help with shipping recently.

“Like I have to tell him if he messes up, so he knows how to correct it…if I ever tried to fire him, I would get in trouble,” she explained.

A fan then asked her if it was common for her to have to fire people.  Mykelti answered, saying that she really didn’t have to often, but that she did have to let an employee go as they had cost her a lot of money due to shipping errors.

She then continued, explaining that she also had to let her brother go.  “Paedon I fired because- just don’t work with family sometimes.  It doesn’t work. Especially when they bug the crap out of you,” she said. “So I technically only fired two people.”

Mykelti didn’t elaborate beyond that, but fans will recall that this is not the first sibling that Paedon had problems with.

Paedon Brown has multiple disagreements with siblings about political beliefs

Eleventh Brown child Gwendlyn came out as bisexual earlier this year.

Gwendlyn recently posted to social media, “That moment when you find out your siblings’ gossip about how they don’t think your sexuality is real or possible.”

The post prompted a comment from a follower claiming that it was probably Paedon who had said that, as he had also contacted her to assert his stance against the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gwendolyn quickly asked for screenshots from the individual, which were produced.  Gwendolyn wrote back, “You handled that so well.  Talking with racists is painful, and he sounded like an idiot.”

Paedon’s only public response came after a fan told him about Gwendolyn’s comments on social media. He said, “Thanks.  I will still protect her until my dying day.”

Paedon’s other public clash was with Meri’s daughter Mariah.  Paedon had posted a blue lives matter image on his Instagram account, and Mariah was quick to comment her disagreement.

A follower on Reddit commented that Paedon should call his sister and talk.

“I love Mariah very much but we can’t stand each other,” Paedon replied.  The response received a flood of comments, and shortly after, Paedon disabled commenting.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus from TLC.

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