Simon Barney reveals stage 3 throat cancer: Former RHOC star Tamra Judge’s ex-husband vows to ‘fight this’

Simon Barney has stage 3 throat cancer
Tamra Judge, Simon Barney, and their kids have repaired their family amid his cancer diagnosis. Pic credit: @tamrajudge/Instagram

Simon Barney has revealed he has stage 3 throat cancer. Former The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge’s ex-husband has vowed to “fight this” after sharing his shocking diagnosis.

The new reality for Simon is a far cry from the days of battling it out with his ex-wife and other RHOC stars. Now Simon is gearing up for the fight of his life, and this time the cameras will not be rolling.

Stage 3 throat cancer

Simon broke the news of his diagnosis to People magazine. The father of three got candid about what is ahead for him, as well as how he discovered his condition.

Despite his time on the Bravo reality TV show, Simon is a private person, which is why he chose to go public with his diagnosis.

“I wanted to speak before someone else does and uses their words, not mine. And to speak out about it so others can see how I’ve taken this fight on with optimism, and the good this has ultimately brought my life. This has been a tough lesson for me. And I’m hoping it can be a lesson for others, too,” he shared with the magazine.

Simon shared that slightly swollen glands led to his diagnosis. Doctors initially thought it was an infection. However, an ultrasound and biopsy revealed other areas were affected, too, showing it was cancer.

After it was determined the cancer was in Simon’s throat, tonsils, and lymph nodes, doctors agreed the best course of treatment was dual chemotherapy and radiation. Simon began treatment in January.

Simon’s cancer unites his fractured family, including Tamra

Simon shared with People magazine that his stage 3 throat cancer diagnosis has united his fractured family. Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County know Tamra and Simon’s divorce was nasty, as was their custody battle for their three children, Spencer, Sidney, and Sophie.

In the years that followed, Spencer stopped speaking to Simon, while Sidney stopped talking to Tamra. The family was broken. Ironically it took Simon’s cancer to unite them.

“It’s kind of like a new beginning for me and my family. It’s really brought everyone closer together,” Simon shared with the weekly magazine.

Tamra also spoke to the magazine sharing the kids were split after the divorce. However, everyone is now focused on helping Simon make it through his cancer battle together as a family. She revealed they are rallying around Simon in his time of need.

RHOC alum Simon Barney has stage 3 throat cancer, but he is not dealing with it alone. Along with his fiancée Catushia Ienni, Simon’s three kids and ex-wife Tamra Judge are all there to help him fight cancer.

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