Siesta Key: Sam Logan admits, ‘I don’t like being alone’

Sam Logan on Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan admits that he doesn’t like to be alone. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key star Sam Logan doesn’t seem to have any problems meeting women.

Following his breakup with Juliette Porter, he was quick to move on with Meghan Bischoff and showed her off on social media.

The move was hurtful to Juliette, who attempted to get back together with him, but things didn’t end up working between them.

After a quick fling with Meghan, Sam could be seen all over social media posing with different girls as he appears to never miss a beat when it comes to having a lady by his side.

Sam has often been criticized for bouncing from one girl to another as he doesn’t seem to stay single for too long.

Recently, Sam admitted that he doesn’t like to be alone and prefers to have someone close to him.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan admits, ‘I don’t like being alone’

Sam apparently has no shame in admitting that he has a hard time being by himself.

He recently engaged in a message back and forth with a fan, who acknowledged that he is often spotted alongside different women.

The fan wrote, “The show portrays you as if you can ‘never be alone & always have to have some girl with you.’ It’s really a shame what happened between you & Juliette… but we only see what editing wants us to see. With all that, I still love you on the show! Just keep smiling & being you!”

Sam responded to the fan and shared, “I honestly can’t. I love being around people that are genuine. I just kinda figured that out. But ya I love being around other humans and having like deep convo I don’t like being alone and honestly I think it’s kinda weird if someone would prefer being in a 6 bedroom home by themselves and I don’t need anyone I just prefer it.”

The interaction was shared on an MTV gossip page, which shared other comments from Sam as well.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan says breaking up with Juliette Porter was ‘the best thing that ever happened’

In addition to admitting that he can’t be alone, Sam also shared some thoughts on his breakup with Juliette.

A fan mentioned that he looked “happier without Juliette,” and they thought he deserved someone better.

Sam responded and said, “ya I mean that was inevitable and prob the best thing that ever happened to me just cuz like it was too much w her drama w the show plus mine etc it was too overwhelming and I like peace opposed to this drama stuff.”

While Sam shared that he prefers peace over drama, he continues to find himself right in the middle of it as he shares rants and claims on social media following new episodes of the show.

Siesta Key fans should stay tuned to see what’s next for Sam.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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