Siesta Key recap: Exes, axes and alcohol

Siesta Key: Alyssa
Siesta Key’s Alyssa stressed about Alex and Juliette. Pic credit: MTV

On last night’s episodes of Siesta Key, the group dynamic changes fast as emotions run high between friends, and more than one old flame re-ignites.

Even though Alex officially asked Alyssa to be his girlfriend last week, he completely ruined the Blend grand opening over Robby and his lingering feelings for Juliette.

Will Alex ever make up his mind?

Brandon tells the gang he has an awesome opportunity to go to Nashville to collaborate on a song with a country artist named Shawnee at Warner Music and invites them all to come.

Alyssa wasn’t with Alex when this invite happened and was not officially invited on the trip. But Juliette was.

Alyssa was already pissed off at Alex about going to Brandon’s bonfire party without her. Now she’s not invited to Nashville. This could get ugly.

Alex has a conversation with his cousin Pauly where he admits he still has feelings for Juliette, is looking forward to hanging out with her, and that he’s leaving the door open for a possible hook up.

Alyssa meets up with Chloe at the gym for a boxing workout. She tells her about her Nashville concerns and asks her to keep an eye on Alex for her.

The sh*t hits the fan in Music City

The friends all meet up for drinks the night before Alex arrives, and Pauly tells Juliette everything Alex said.

You can tell she’s conflicted. Part of her is happy to hear this. The other part knows it’s not smart for her to let anything happen with Alex.

Juliette tells the girls what Pauly told her and says she “doesn’t want to be involved with Alex while he has a girlfriend.”


Kelsey is flirting with Garrett at the bar and talk about going ax throwing.

They make a bet that if she throws better than him, he will take her horseback riding, and if he does better than her, she’ll take him to go moonshine tasting and on a hot date. They kiss on it.

Jared and Amanda see the kiss and are like WTF?

Alex has entered the building

Chloe immediately tells Alex about Pauly’s conversation with Juliette, and he is livid. Things are going to get tricky at Brandon’s show later that night.

Everyone arrives at ACME where Brandon will be debuting his new song with Shawnee. Pauly isn’t there, and it doesn’t look like he’s coming. Alex is relieved.

Everyone starts pounding drinks and throwing back shots and getting the party started.

Pauly shows up.

Alex is aggravated, starts firing off snide comments, and starts shoving Pauly. It looks like a full-blown fight is about to happen and then security steps in.

A few minutes later, after Alex cools off a bit, he talks to Pauly.

Pauly apologizes for spilling the beans. Alex tells him he will forgive him if he promises never to do it again. He agrees, and they’re good. All is forgiven.

Brandon and Shawnee do their thing, and everyone is enjoying the show.

Kelsey and Garrett are getting touchy-feely and make out a few times. Will these two get back together? Or… is this going to be just another drunken hookup for Kelsey?

Garrett ends up spending the night with Kelsey.

The next morning

Jared makes jokes about his room being right below Kelsey and Garrett’s and that he could “hear everything.” We can tell he is bothered by Kelsey’s actions.

As Alex is waking up alone in bed, he texts Juliette: “Heyy, can we talk?”

As this is happening, Juliette is hanging out with the girls talking about last night. They ask Juliette if anything happened with her and Alex, and she says no. Says she spent the night alone.

Juliette meets up with Alex

Alex tells her he “had fun last night,” and she says, “I did too,” implying that they hooked up. Juliette asks if he’s going to tell Alyssa what happened, and he doesn’t answer the question.

Instead, he tells her “of course, I light up every time you come around. I’m not the type of guy to close a door. I always leave it cracked.”

Yes, Alex, we know. The door is always cracked… but what does that mean for Juliette and Alyssa?

The last thing we see is Juliette saying to Alex, “I’m really glad we’re in a good place right now” and he puts his arms around her.

Meanwhile… Alyssa meets Alex’s mom for drinks and tells her how uncomfortable she is with Alex and Juliette being alone together in Nashville.

You can tell mom doesn’t really know what to say because she knows her son will always have feelings for Juliette.

She tries to somewhat re-assure Alyssa that even though Juliette may still hold a piece of Alex’s heart, that they both know they aren’t good for each other, and their relationship is over.

Juliette calls Alex and leaves him a voicemail about telling Alyssa what happened. Sounds like if he doesn’t tell her – Juliette will.

Back in Siesta Key

In the next scene, we see Kelsey and Madisson hanging out at the beach. Madisson’s phone rings, and it’s Ish. They haven’t spoken in a month. She hesitates and isn’t sure if she wants to answer… but she does.

Ish tells her he’s going to be in New York and wants her to come out to meet him to “talk about something important.” Says he’ll send her a ticket.

She agrees to go.

The girls talk about what this meeting could be about, and Kelsey says it sounds like Ish is either going to “leave you or wife you.” But which will it be?

Madisson is nervous and anxious,

Love in the Big Apple

Ish and Madisson meet in the park.

He tells her he loves her, and despite everything that’s happening with her family, he wants her to come to LA.

They start discussing what their future might look like, and Madisson expresses to him her concerns about wanting to have children.

Says she wants to be a mom and asks him if he sees that kind of “forever” with her.

“Absolutely,” he says, “having a family with you would be amazing.”

YAY! You can see Madisson’s eyes light up. She’s finally hearing all the things she wanted to hear. Maybe this relationship with Ish will work out after all.

Juliette comes clean about hooking up with Alex

Juliette tells Kelsey that she hooked up with Alex in Nashville. She explains that Chloe busted them the morning after their first night, and then it happened again… and again…

Kelsey is shocked that Juliette would let this happen and says it’s not good that Chloe knows what happened.

Juliette tells her it should be okay because Alex paid for Chloe’s silence. He told Chloe he would buy her anything she wanted if she would keep her mouth shut about it.

She said she wanted a Celine handbag. He handed her his credit card and she ordered one for herself.

Will Chloe be able to keep the news to herself?

Surprisingly, Chloe meets up with Alyssa and talks to her about Nashville and doesn’t say a word about Alex and Juliette.

Alyssa tries and tries to get something out of her, but she doesn’t give her anything.

I guess we know how to shut Chloe up, now…

3 Months Later

We see Alyssa calling Alex to show him something. It’s a pregnancy test.

She hands it to him; he looks shocked and says, “holy sh*t.”

Is Alyssa pregnant? Alex’s Instagram says, yes.

To be continued…

Siesta Key airs Tuesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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