Siesta Key: Madisson and Ish call it quits

Siesta Key's Madisson and Ish
Siesta Key’s Madisson and Ish — in the beginning. Pic credit: MTV

On last night’s episodes of Siesta Key, Madisson had both a dream come true and her worst nightmare happen in a period of 24 hours.

After months of doing the long-distance thing, Ish is in town for Fourth of July weekend and Madisson is excited to finally get to spend some time with him. While out to eat, Ish pulls out a little black box and tells her he has a gift for her. At first, you think it might be a ring… but it’s not. It’s a necklace. She’s happy and appreciates the gift.

They start talking about her father and his feelings about Ish and their relationship. Ish expresses that he’s looking forward to spending some time with him and hopes he will come around after getting to know him.

Ish’s big surprise for Madisson

Out of nowhere, Ish says to her “you should move to LA” and “move in with me.” By the look on her face, you could tell she was completely shocked — and ecstatic. She couldn’t believe her ears. Did he just say that? Did he just ask me to move out to LA and live with him? Of course, she said she’d go. She’s been miserable without him.

Lunch with the fam

Madisson and Ish meet up with her older sister Page who is also in town for Fourth of July weekend. Page knows Ish from production of Season 1 of Siesta Key. Madisson’s mom and dad arrive. This should be interesting…

Madisson tells everyone that she “has some news.” Mom immediately asks if she’s pregnant. She laughs and replies “Nope. Not pregnant” but… “Ish asked me to move out to LA to live with him.” The look on her father’s face was priceless. Pretty sure he almost had a heart attack.

While Madisson is desperately hoping for her family’s blessing, her dad disappoints in a big way. He quite aggressively tells her “Don’t look for a rubber stamp here. You’re not getting one, Madisson. You’re not getting one.” That went well!

A new beginning? Or the end?

Later we see Ish and Madisson on the beach talking about what just happened. Ish called it an “interesting trip” and Madisson says “it wasn’t all bad.” She is visibly upset about her dad’s reaction to her big news and you can tell something is also up with Ish. His whole demeanor has changed. It was like someone popped his balloon and he was no longer excited about Madisson moving to LA.

Madisson tries to assure him that everything will be ok and tells him “I want to live with you… be with you. They’ll come around.”

His reaction was shocking. “I don’t know if I want to put you through that right now,” referring to her family not being on-board with their relationship. She gets more and more upset and keeps telling him, “They will come around. It’s my decision” to which he replies “ I just don’t think we should be together.”

She wasn’t expecting that. Her heart completely broke in that moment. She quickly went from upset to pissed off. She stands up, says “so that’s what this is?” (a breakup) and walks off crying.

So, is this it for Madisson and Ish on Siesta Key?

Is it really over?

Siesta Key airs Tuesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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