Siesta Key: Mike stirs the pot between Sam and Juliette with recent post

Mike Vazquez on Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Mike Vazquez might be trying to stir the pot with his costars. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key may currently be between seasons, but that doesn’t mean the drama has stopped.

Fans will recall last season that much of the storyline focused on the demise of Sam Logan and Juliette Porter’s relationship.

Not only were episodes filled with tension between them and their friend groups, but the off-screen drama was non-stop.

Both Juliette and Sam had a lot to say about each other on social media and continued to go back and forth after each episode aired.

Now that everyone has moved to Miami and is starting to film the new season, things seemed to have settled down a bit, but that hasn’t stopped their mutual friend Mike Vazquez from stirring the pot.

Siesta Key’s Mike Vazquez stirs the pot between Sam Logan and Juliette Porter

While Mike is a good friend of Sam’s and Juliette’s, he does seem to find himself instigating situations from time to time.

When Sam shared a few photos of himself at the gun range, Mike took the opportunity to poke at the situation between him and Juliette.

While the photos were innocent enough, Mike’s comment below them is what made people feel like he was trying to start trouble.

He wrote, “Is this how u protect yourself from her fans?”

Sam posted a reply in the comment section and said, “and I thought I told you we’re not speaking about her anymore.”

While Mike didn’t directly reference Juliette, it was easy for viewers to read between the lines.

The MTV gossip page @mtv_reality_teaa shared the post and captioned it, “Just Mike trying to stir the pot.”

Siesta Key fans weigh in on Mike Vazquez stirring the pot

Upon seeing Mike’s comment on Sam’s post, Siesta Key fans wasted no time sharing their thoughts.

One follower asked, “isn’t she your “friend” too ? you’re weird af, grow up.”

Another fan actually thought Mike’s comment was comical and wrote, “this has me dying laughing.”

A third person commented, “stop being a hater. They could have worked it out possibly or at least be friends, if you weren’t stirring the pot al the time smh.”

Fans comment on Mike stirring the pot.
Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram

People have accused Mike of causing trouble before, such as when he reportedly leaked the video footage of Juliette snuggled up on the couch with Clark last season.

Regardless of Mike’s antics, he remains friends with both Juliette and Sam.

Fans will have to wait and see what other trouble he manages to cause when Siesta Key returns.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus.

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