Siesta Key: Miami Moves spoiler — The girls think Clark is ‘sketchy’

Juliette Porter and Clark Drum of Siesta Key.
The girls think Clark may have something to hide in a sneak peek of the new season of Siesta Key. Pic credit: @julietteporter/Instagram

Last season of Siesta Key, viewers met Juliette Porter’s new man Clark Drum.

She started seeing Clark following her breakup with Sam Logan, and fans first laid eyes on him as he accompanied Juliette to Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto’s wedding.

While Juliette has posted photos of her and Clark in several places on her social media pages, he’s been a bit more private.

He doesn’t often share much about their relationship and tends to shy away from the cameras.

Juliette admitted that Clark dislikes the limelight and would prefer to remain behind the scenes.

While it seems Clark doesn’t like the attention that comes with filming, a sneak peek of the new season of Siesta Key paints a different picture, as Amanda Miller and Chloe Long think Clark might have other reasons for not wanting to be on camera.

Siesta Key’s Amanda Miller and Chloe Long think Clark Drum is ‘sketchy’

Amanda and Chloe have never been shy about sharing their feelings about Juliette and her love interests.

When the breakup happened between her and Sam, Chloe quickly defended her friend and bashed Sam in the process.

Now, it seems she also has some strong opinions about Juliette’s new relationship.

In a sneak peek of the premiere episode of Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Chloe and Amanda were seen talking about Clark and how he doesn’t like to film or be on camera.

Amanda made it known that she thought Clark was “sketchy” for not wanting to film when his girlfriend is the face of the show. Chloe thinks that he must have something he’s hiding and doesn’t want Juliette to know.

Before their sit down, Juliette confided in her friend Lexi about her nerves about what was to come in Miami and whether her relationship with Clark would survive filming.

Is Clark Drum hiding something?

The question remains whether Clark is truly hiding something or just enjoying his privacy.

The trailer shows him getting upset at one point, but exactly what he’s upset about is unclear.

Despite whatever drama lies ahead for the new season, Juliette and Clark are still happily together and going strong.

They just returned from a romantic vacation in Italy. After the trip, Clark even posted a picture of the two of them, something he hadn’t done before.

Time will tell about Clark’s true intentions, so fans must stay tuned to see what happens when the new season premieres next week.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves premieres Thursday, October 27 at 8/7c on MTV.

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