Siesta Key: Max Strong bashes production after Kelsey Owens shows up in promo post

Former Siesta Key star Kelsey Owens' boyfriend Max Strong.
Max Strong bashes Siesta Key production for including Kelsey Owens in a promo video. Pic credit: @thekelseyowens/Instagram

Former Siesta Key star Kelsey Owens will be part of the cast for the last time this upcoming season.

Kelsey moved to Miami shortly after the rest of the group, but her filming time was cut short.

As she’s described, she was abruptly let go by production and told she wasn’t needed anymore.

The news shocked Kelsey, who couldn’t believe how she was treated after being a part of the original crew from day one.

Her boyfriend, Max Strong, also spoke out at the time and had nothing but bad things to say about MTV and how they treat the cast.

After some time, Kelsey seemed like she had moved on and was relieved to be away from the drama, but neither she nor Max seemed ready to let it go completely.

Max wasted no time bashing production when Kelsey appeared in a recent promo video on Siesta Key’s social media.

Former Siesta Key star Max Strong bashes production after promo video released

Siesta Key’s official Instagram page has started sharing trailers and spoilers for the upcoming premiere of Season 5.

In one of their posts, they flashed back to different breakups amongst the cast, including Kelsey and her ex-boyfriend Garrett Miller.

Kelsey and Garrett were together before calling it quits in Season 3.

The page shared a clip of them with the caption, “Breakups + [Siesta Key] go hand in hand. Season 5 premieres ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!”

Upon seeing the footage, Max quickly chimed into the comments section.

He shared, “Another one. Do the people running this IG account know Kelsey & Garrett were let go from the show?? Surely there is something from the new season to advertise lol.”

He followed that up by adding, “Might as well tell the real story about this “break up” at this point too.”

Max Strong calls out Siesta Key production.
Pic credit: @siestakey/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Max has implied that the show is staged, as he and Kelsey claimed production wanted them to fake a breakup for a storyline, which MTV did not confirm.

Siesta Key’s Kelsey Owens throws a dig at MTV

Max was not the only one who commented on the promo video, as Kelsey herself also had something to say.

A fan commented and said, “I hope Kelsey gets paid each time y’all play a clip of her???”

Kelsey had a snarky response as she threw a dig at production and wrote, “I wish I’d be buying ALL of us a round of drinks.”

Kelsey Owens throws shade at MTV.
Pic credit: @siestakey/Instagram

Max and Kelsey are both clearly still upset with how things went down with production.

Kelsey will still have a role in the upcoming season, so fans must stay tuned to see how her exit plays out.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves premieres Thursday, October 27 at 8/7c on MTV.

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