Siesta Key exclusive: Madisson tells Kelsey she is meeting up with Juliette

Madisson on Siesta Key
Madisson tells Kelsey she is meeting with Juliette. Pic credit: MTV

The damage has been done between Kelsey and Juliette on Siesta Key. Things haven’t gotten any better, and now, they may even get worse.

While hanging out with Madisson, Kelsey tells her that Max is officially moving to Siesta Key.

Their relationship has been long-distance for the entire duration, so his move is a huge deal for Kelsey. Initially, they discussed living together but decided against it.

In this exclusive Siesta Key clip, when Madisson brings up Juliette, Kelsey isn’t excited about where the discussion is headed. There is still bad blood, and now, she is concerned that the conversation between the two could sway Madisson.

As she continues to try and justify why she reached out to Juliette, it is clear that Kelsey isn’t feeling any of the excuses Madisson has rambled off.

How will the conversation between Juliette and Madisson go down on Siesta Key?

Be sure to tune in to find out!

Siesta Key airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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