Siesta Key exclusive: Cara and Madisson see a lot of Tate

Cara and Madisson on Siesta Key.
Cara showed Madisson Tate’s OnlyFans. Pic credit: MTV

Things between Cara and Amanda on Siesta Key aren’t great. The latter wasn’t thrilled to learn that Cara was mingling with Amanda’s ex, and she let her know about herself.

When Madisson and Cara meet up, the topic of Amanda and her new man, Tate, gets brought up.

In true Siesta Key fashion, something about him isn’t as wholesome as he makes himself seem.

As the exclusive clip plays out, viewers will see Amanda tell her father about this new guy Tate. She offers up that he has been pursuing her and that they recently did a Bible study together.

Of course, that led to a flashback from their time together, and by all accounts, it appeared that Tate was a good guy.

Back at the store where Madisson and Cara are talking, the subject turns to Tate and his private parts. When Cara reveals she has seen his package, Madisson is stunned. That, of course, leads to a search and discovery of his OnlyFans page.

Does Amanda know her Bible study guy has an OnlyFans?

Be sure to tune in and find out what happens next!

Siesta Key airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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