Should 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days star Big Ed be cautious of Rose?

Big Ed
Big Ed questions Rose’s motives. Pic credit: TLC

Ed Brown traveled to Manilla in the Philippines to visit his online girlfriend, Rose.

Before he went to meet her, he admitted to the cameras that he had lied to impress Rose.

He was worried that she would call him out on it – which she did.

He had lied about his height. He was so worried about Rose accepting him that he didn’t think about everything else that could go wrong on the trip.

But it didn’t take long for things to become awkward.

It happened over a set of pink pajamas.

You can see the clip below.

So, Ed is concerned that Rose could be using him for money, as she eagerly grabbed his cash out of his wallet.

Let’s dissect the situation.

Rose could just be trying to help Big Ed

When they went shopping, Ed looked like a tourist. He was sweating like hell and it was clear that he wasn’t from Manilla.

Let’s be honest for a minute – Ed was struggling during the shopping trip. Like hardcore struggling.

Perhaps, Rose realized this and wanted to help him out so he could get home faster. But he wanted to buy her pajamas, as he felt bad for her for not owning any.

The pink pajamas they found were 180 Phillippine pesos. That’s about $3.48 American dollars. She doesn’t grab the wallet from him, but he holds it up, almost hinting that he wants her help.

Big Ed and Rose shopping
Big Ed and Rose went shopping in Manilla. Pic credit: TLC

She puts her hand in and takes out some money. He appears shocked, but also states that he doesn’t know what is what. Big Ed is sending all the signals that he’s in need of help and she jumps right in to take out the money.

Then, there’s the “keep the change” scene.

She tells the seller to keep the chance as if she’s tipping him for the sale. This could be customary in Manilla, something she’s not even thinking about. But Ed isn’t pleased about it.

Plus, maybe she just wanted to help him because he looked like he had no idea how much the bills were or how to read them. There’s no way he could have gone shopping by himself.

Let’s say she gave him 200 pesos and she said, “keep the change.” That would be a tip of $0.39.

Rose going into Ed's wallet
Rose took charge during shopping. Pic credit: TLC

Why would Ed be concerned over less than the cost of a cup of coffee?

Well, he feels he’s being used for money. And maybe there’s truth to that concern.

During the episode, Ed appeared very worried about Rose’s handling of money. And his concerns are valid, as Rose’s sister had reached out to him to ask for money.

Could Rose really be using Ed for money? Well, if she doesn’t even have pajamas, can you blame her for trying to get some clothes from a man who can clearly afford it?

Big Ed may have set expectations for Rose

Before we point the finger too much at Rose, let’s just talk a walk down memory lane to the first time we met Ed.

As Monsters & Critics has previously reported, Ed started sending gifts to Rose about four weeks after she became his girlfriend. Even though he didn’t know whether she had received any of the gifts, he continued to send them.

Remember that awkward scene at the postal office?

He has been spending money on her in the thousands of dollars. And yet, when she spends $3.48 of his money on a shopping trip, he freaks out.

Maybe the girl is just confused, Ed.

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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