Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green split — Why did the Southern Charm stars break up?

Shep Rose at a Bravo game.
Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green have called it quits. Pic credit: ©

Southern Charm is full of breakups among the cast.

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green are the latest Charmers to end their relationship.

The reality TV stars began dating in 2020, and Taylor joined Shep to film Southern Charm during Seasons 7 and 8.

Even though only a few episodes of Season 8 have aired, it’s clear that the couple has different goals for their relationship. Shep is content with how things are, and Taylor appears to want to settle down and have a family at some point.

During a recent episode, the two experienced a pregnancy scare, which put things into perspective. Shep is 42, and Taylor is 27, leaving a significant age gap that could cause issues.

It looks like the Charmers hit an impasse, and their relationship is over for good.

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green split confirm

According to Us Weekly, the couple is done.

There were no details to go along with the confirmation, though.

Based on what was shown on Southern Charm, Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green likely chose to split because they wanted different things in life.

This was the first long-term relationship viewers had seen Shep in since Southern Charm began airing. He was mainly a playboy and had short-lived relationships here and there.

Taylor popped into his life and, over the last two years, helped to settle him down. There was speculation that Shep’s cousin, Marcie Hobbs, would try to push Shep into a more committed spot with Taylor. However, it appears that didn’t work.

Season 8 Southern Charm reunion will be tense

Not only did Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green split, but Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell are also over.

Going into the reunion should be intense at the very least. Chleb confirmed he and Kathryn have no contact, and it’s unclear whether Shep and Taylor will remain friends or go no contact.

Getting Shep to open up has been hard over the years as his personality is the fun party guy who lives his best life while not wanting to grow up. He’s had relations with Kathryn during Season 1, and at one point, there was some concern he could have fathered a child with the redhead. Fortunately, that was not the case.

It will be interesting to see how Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose move forward and whether they issue a statement about their breakup.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

She’s limited appeal has worn thin. A 40 something peterman with a trust fund who’s never devoted himself to anyone or anything is just not appealing. At all! He’s arrogant and useless. Time to say goodbye and get a younger more interesting cast member! Money alone does not make for a good person or an interesting cast member!