Shay Johnson confronts Amara La Negra for dumping her brother Emjay

Shay Johnson confronts Amara La Negra for dumping her brother on Love & Hip Hop Miami
Shay Johnson confronts Amara La Negra for dumping her brother on Love & Hip Hop Miami. Pic credit: VH1

Last week on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Amara La Negra dumped her boyfriend, Emjay.

This week, Emjay’s sister Shay Johnson confronted Amara about the breakup, and she’s not happy with the reason Amara called things off.

It all came about after Emjay’s ex Anne met with Amara and put her ex-boyfriend on blast.

She pointed out that Shay’s brother is a coattail rider who she claims did nothing when they were together. Then, when she asked Amara what exactly Emjay is doing now, it was the same old nothing.

That was enough for Amara to look hard at her relationship and realize that Emjay is a great guy. He’s a total gentleman who opens doors for her and treats her great.

But Annie is right. He’s certainly not pulling his weight when it comes to finances.

Amara has been the breadwinner during their short relationship, and at this point, she’s not thrilled to be the one pulling in the income while Emjay does menial things like pulling out her chair.

Why can’t she have a nice guy with great manners and a career? That’s not too much to ask — is it?

Shay Johnson comes to Emjay’s rescue

Love & Hip Hop veteran Shay Johnson wasn’t about to just let Amara dump her brother and make him look like a loser. Instead, she decided to confront her LHHMIA co-star, and it’s not quite clear what she was hoping for.

Shay took aim at Amara, claiming that Emjay put his career on hold for her and that it wasn’t fair for her to walk away from him because he’s not making a ton of money right now.

Quite a few Love & Hip Hop fans took issue with that, asking what exactly Emjay had to put on hold.

Does he even have a career aside from appearing on the VH1 series as Amara La Negra’s troublemaking boyfriend?

No one watching LHHMIA is buying Shay’s concern

Others accused Shay and Emjay of trying to get famous, even though neither of them seems to have any talent aside from appearing on reality TV.

It’s pretty clear Shay has an ulterior motive for wanting to keep Amara and Emjay together.

Ultimately, Amara La Negra wasn’t about to let Shay Johnson bully her back into a relationship with Emjay.

In fact, viewers were pretty happy when Amara told Shay that she needed a break from her too.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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