Shawn Booth, Nick Viall, and Kaitlyn Bristowe relive their time on The Bachelorette

Kaitlyn, Nick and Shawn
Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick Viall and Shawn Booth all comment on the same photo. Pic credit: ABC

Shawn Booth had to relive his failed engagement to Kaitlyn Bristowe on Monday night as ABC aired a condensed version of her 2015 season of The Bachelorette.

Although Shawn ended up engaged to Kaitlyn, he was plagued throughout the season by Nick Viall.

Nick wasn’t one of the original cast members; he joined the season later after he admitted that he had talked to Kaitlyn on social media prior to her casting as The Bachelorette.

Shawn felt threatened by Nick, and that feeling intensified after Kaitlyn revealed that she and Nick had hooked up during filming.

Now, it seems that they are all a bit more cordial with one another and have put the past behind them.

Shawn Booth calls Nick ‘the other guy’

As the special aired, all three members of the love triangle chimed in on the same social media post.

The conversation was captured by fan account @commentsbybachelor. The post in question was Nick’s, and he shared his thoughts as he relived the proposal that Kaitlyn rejected.

Nick explained that while he wasn’t prepared for ABC to rerun the season, he has nothing but fond memories of Kaitlyn. He noted that he found the season embarrassing, saying that it was “like waving at someone who’s waving at the person behind…but [a] million times worse.”

Nick also added that he is glad that he and Kaitlyn are now friends. Kaitlyn agreed and joked that Nick should’ve “pushed her in the pool.”

Nick Viall
Nick Viall and Kaitlyn were chatting when Shawn chimed in. Pic credit: @commentsbybachelor/Instagram

Shawn chimed in with his own thoughts, writing, “Well said ‘other guy’.”

Although Shawn and Kaitlyn got engaged at the end of the season, they ended that engagement back in 2018, roughly three years after the proposal.

Shawn Booth had to relive Nick stealing his woman

Shawn didn’t reveal whether he actually watched The Bachelorette rerun and he didn’t do an interview with Chris Harrison for the special. It’s possible that he didn’t know everything that happened around that time, especially between Kaitlyn and Nick.

During the episode, Nick revealed that he had written Kaitlyn love letters via email as she was on The Bachelorette. He explained that she didn’t get them at the time, as she was cut off from technology while filming. She claims she never got the emails.

As for Shawn, he has moved on from his split from Kaitlyn. Right before the episode aired, Shawn announced he had gotten himself a dog. He didn’t share any new details about a potential new love interest.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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