Shanti Zohra puts Florian on blast — 90 Day Fiance mistress posts screenshots of conversation with another ‘victim’

Shanti connects with another ‘victim’ after speaking her truth about alleged affair with Florian Sukaj. Pic Credit: @shanti_zohra/Instagram

Shanti Zohra isn’t finished with her 15 minutes of fame.

After making her television debut on Darcey & Stacey, she took to an exclusive interview with In Touch magazine to set the record straight about her relations with Florian Sukaj.

When confronted by Stacey Silva on the TLC show, Florian swore up and down that he only shared a kiss with the Belgian model. However, Shanti has come forward and confirmed that she did indeed sleep with Stacey’s husband multiple times before they tied the knot in April.

Another ‘victim’ shares her experience

Shanti stands by her statement that her intention of speaking out was simply to warn Stacey about Florian. Although she feels deceived by Florian, she’s been painted as a liar and a homewrecker.

She’s tried to reach out to the twins directly but her attempts have all been blocked.

In an effort to prove her point, Shanti reveals that another one of Florian’s ‘victims’  has reached out to her. Keeping the women’s identity a secret, she posts the entire conversation on her Instagram story.

The woman starts out by writing, “I’m reluctant to say this… but I 100% believe you bc [because] I experienced something similar w[ith] Florian, not to that extent at all but yes I believe you bc [because] his actions were the same w[ith] me.”

She goes on to say he followed her on every platform and flirted with her on Snapchat because he knew the conversation would disappear. Similar to Shanti’s story, she says that Florian would also talk openly about his issues with Stacey.

The anonymous source detailed that Florian eventually got aggressive with her, and although their conversations slowed, he still watches all of her stories. She also claims that Florian flipped the story and told Stacey that she was the one who pursued him.

Pic Credit: @shanti_zohra/Instagram

The woman reveals she’s a close friend of the twins and that Stacey has a history of finding out about Florian’s extracurricular activities.

“Earlier this year randomly, Darce out of nowhere attacked me about Florian & Georgi saying that I was using them and trying to steal their men. I was floored and sooo hurt bc I did sooo much damage control for both of them, I know sooo much that I could have told but I didn’t,” she continued in the message.

Florian’s descriptions of the events between him and Shanti are very different and the anonymous source confirms that he has a history of lying.

He famously said he met Shanti to do a photoshoot but Shanti reveals he was in her DMs for over a year before she finally gave him her number.

Pic Credit: @shanti_zohra/Instagram

Shanti and the mystery woman connected over being victims of lies

Shanti has definitely been painted as the villain in Stacey’s story, but it’s clear that the mystery woman wanted her to feel supported.

“I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that as a friend to all, I completely understand what you went through and how it made you feel and I feel terrible that you were publically shamed when it’s all bc Florian lies,” the message continued.

Pic Credit: @shanti_zohra/Instagram

She ended the message saying, “You didn’t deserve how you were portrayed and I want you to know from me that I completely understand what you went through. I have the same amount of respect for you as I do them.”

Pic Credit: @shanti_zohra/Instagram

Florian and Stacey completed the K1-visa process and had a quarantine wedding earlier in the year.

As of last month, Stacey confirmed the couple was still going strong and wasn’t going to “let no b****h take us down.”

Do you believe Shanti or Florian’s version of events?

Darcey and Stacey is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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