Shanti Zohra claims her confrontation with Darcey Silva was all set up by Darcey & Stacey production

Shanti Zohra
Shanti Zohra claimed Darcey & Stacey production team was behind the confrontation. Pic credit: @shanti_zohra/Instagram

Just when we thought Darcey and Stacey Silva’s drama with Shanti Zohra was over, Shanti’s back spilling more behind-the-scenes tea about that infamous confrontation with Darcey Silva.

Speaking with In Touch Weekly, Shanti claimed that the confrontation over her alleged affair with Stacey’s now-husband, Florian Sukaj, was actually set up by the show’s production crew.

Shanti says TLC called her shortly after photos of her and Florian leaked

Shanti answered various questions from In Touch, one of which was “On the show, we see you FaceTiming with Darcey. How did that get set up?”

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“TLC contact me very fast when they see the pictures out there on social media and, like, the fans were keeping asking, ‘what’s going on?…'” she explained.

She continued, saying that the production crew told her that they wanted her on the show.

“But I never thought I’m gonna talk with Darcey face to face. I thought I’m gonna talk to Stacey because this is an issue with me, Florian, and Stacey. It’s how I believe. So they set up a phone call, a FaceTime, but you can’t see, it’s edited on the show and, like, she was yelling,” Shanti stated.

Shanti proceeded to share how Darcey called her the “B-word” and she was confused because she felt that Darcey was attacking her. She also claimed that production had to stop the call several times because Darcey needed to “calm down.”

Ultimately, Shanti said her motivation for engaging in that FaceTime call with Darcey was to be honest.

“I just wanted to say the truth,” she said. “Say my feelings, and tell the truth, but she tries, too easily, to bash me down.”

Darcey’s confrontation with Shanti left her confused

Shanti, who is a Belgian model, also explained that she was confused during the FaceTime conversation with Darcey.

While Darcey was trying to get to the bottom of the leaked photo scandal, she heard Shanti’s side of the story.

Shanti claimed that Florian said he was tired of his four-year relationship with Stacey and that he was “tired” of being on a leash “just like a puppy.”

When Darcey pushed for further information, demanding that Shanti tell her how the pictures got leaked, Shanti told Darcey that she should ask Florian for those answers.

“This is becoming a very, very draining situation and I just want to know what happened. Keep it simple, honey,” Darcey said.

It’s at this point that things took an awkward and confusing turn.

Shanti snapped back that she’s not Darcey’s honey and proceeded to throw some shade in Darcey’s direction.

“I am not your honey,” she said. “And it’s not my fault that Florian’s sugar want to taste my honey. Okay?”

Now, Shanti is saying that she was confused during the conversation and that she didn’t know what she was saying.

“I got confused in that moment that you guys see that I say ‘sugar’ and ‘honey’ and that she say ‘why do sugar want honey?'” she explained.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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