Shane Simpson’s battle with COVID-19 revealed — Here’s what happened as coronavirus starts to impact RHOC

Emily Simpson cries as she films for RHOC while her husband has coronavirus.
Emily Simpson cries as she films for RHOC while her husband has coronavirus. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson revealed that her husband Shane Simpson suffered from COVID-19 during a preview for the upcoming RHOC episode.

During the preview, Emily cried as she sat beside Shane as he was aggressively coughing.

“Yesterday, he couldn’t breathe,” Emily shared. “He was coughing up blood. He was throwing up. So I just said ‘we have to go to the hospital.'”

Viewers were suspicious that Shane had come down with the virus after watching the midseason trailer, but this most recent inside glimpse confirms it.

During the midseason trailer, Emily recorded Shane coughing in bed.

“Shane’s not better … he’s not getting any better,” she confessed emotionally.

“I couldn’t do anything to help him,” she added in a separate selfie video.

While its unclear when Shane contracted the virus, it appears that he has had a healthy recovery since.

Emily and Shane’s life in quarantine

Prior to Shane’s diagnosis, Emily and Shane appeared to be in a great spot in their marriage.

In Wednesday’s fully self-recorded episode, Emily recorded Shane as he was doing household chores.

“It’s truly the end of the world when Shane Simpson is vacuuming,” she said. “I’ve never seen that in 11 years of marriage.”

She also explained that, contrary to her expectations, quarantine and RHOC has helped their marriage.

“I was very concerned that being in quarantine 24/7 with Shane could be detrimental to our relationship,” she confessed.

She added that it was at a better place than it was a year prior.

“Last year Shane and I would fight all the time in front of our kids in the house,” Emily shared. “Even though it’s a really stressful and weird time, having this really solid marriage right now is beneficial to my children.”

“Other than the one time where I yelled the F-word and slammed all the doors, and ran away,” she added.

Even though they’re getting along better, Emily admitted that things haven’t changed much in the bedroom.

“Shane’s still not getting any sex because now I’m more tired than I’ve ever been,” she vented. “I get no breaks at all ever.”

Emily and Shane’s past marriage struggles

During RHOC Season 14, Emily and Shane had major marital woes. Shane was studying to retake the bar exam so he wasn’t at home much.

Emily confessed that she had a lot of anger that season and grew frustrated with him frequently. Viewers and other cast members, however, weren’t loving how Shane was treating her.

Emily later explained that she felt her hip pain was the root of their marital issues. She said it made her cranky and made sex impossible.

Once she got hip surgery, she said her marriage improved significantly.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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