Serena reacts to Kordell getting close to Daia on Love Island USA: ‘The man is finished’

Serena Page is so over Kordell on Love Island USA.
Serena Page is so over Kordell Beckham on Love Island USA. Pic credit: Peacock

It’s been a long week waiting for the Casa Amor recoupling on Love Island USA, but it’s finally upon us.

Friday night’s episode of the hit Peacock dating show is shaping up to be one of the series’ most shocking episodes.

The streaming service has shared a first look, which picks up immediately after the video showcasing Kordell Beckham getting close to Daia McGhee hits the villa.

“The first b—h that gives you attention you act like this?” Serena says in a first look at the episode.

“If you think that you about to come back to this b—h and swindle me?” Serena adds before declaring: “The man is finished.”

While Kordell was away at Casa Amor, Serena struggled to get close to any of the new men in the villa.

Serena goes off about Kordell

During recent episodes, Kordell’s been shown getting closer and closer to Daia, with the pair kissing under the duvet in one of the messages sent to the main villa.

With the news out in the open, Serena is left to pick up the pieces, and it’s clear that she’s completely shutting herself off from Kordell.

With so many new men in the main villa, there’s now a strong chance that Serena will ditch Kordell and couple up with one of them.

It’s still unclear if Kordell will bring Daia back to the villa, but he was shown to have second thoughts in Thursday’s episode.

Nothing will play out as expected if Love Island USA has taught us anything.

Love Island USA season 6 has been perfect

Season 6 has towered above the others because the drama has been so juicy, and the twists have been handled better to subvert expectations.

Friday’s episode also features Kaylor Martins coming face-to-face with Aaron Evans for the first time since she saw him flirting with Daniela Ortiz Rivera.

Thursday’s episode wrapped with Kaylor struggling to comprehend Aaron’s betrayal, and the promo at the end showcased her telling her love interest that she knows everything.

He also had second thoughts about his actions at Casa Amor, but the drama never stays behind closed doors for too long in this series.

We must remember that Aaron won The Traitors UK, so he has an excellent poker face that could be utilized to perfection on this show.

Monsters and Critics will keep you updated on the recoupling and how it shakes up the villa as we head into the second half of the season.

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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