Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn shows off her growing baby bump in new maternity shoot

Selling Sunset fashionista Christine Quinn shows off maternity
Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn shows off stunning maternity photos. Pic credit:Netflix

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn can now add the title of mom to her list of achievements.

The controversial realtor recently revealed that she was expecting her first child with her husband Christian Richard.

Christine managed to keep her pregnancy a secret from the world until she passed the six-month mark.

And now she’s dishing all about her pregnancy and she even shared some stunning maternity photos showing off her growing baby bump.

While the fashionista is known for her over-the-top fashions on the show, she took a more subtle route for her maternity photos.

But that doesn’t mean she’s planning to put away her fabulous designer ensembles anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, the mom-to-be can’t wait to dress her baby in Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Christine Quinn shows off baby bump in stunning maternity photos

The Selling Sunset star officially confirmed her baby news to People last month.

And she also shared some beautiful photos showing off her baby bump.

Not only did the 32-year-old give us a look into her first maternity shoot, but she also opened up about her pregnancy.

“I’m so excited about just having a little bundle of joy to hold and take care of,” shared Christine. “My dogs are my babies right now, but sometimes they run away from me and I can’t really put clothes on them and they take the clothes off and I’m just, ‘Ah, please just love me.’

She continued, “So I’m really excited to just have a little angel that I can take care of and call my own. It’s something that I’ve always looked forward to. I can’t wait to dress my little angel up in Gucci and Louis Vuitton and just make my baby so extra and over the top.”

Although the Selling Sunset star is usually extra and over the top herself, she went for a more understated outfit for this photo shoot.

The reality TV star opted for a simple, flowing white dress, natural makeup, and had her hair in long loose curls.

Christine Quinn talks about being a mommy

The Selling Sunset star shared the stunning pregnancy photos on her Instagram page along with a sweet message.

“I’m going to be a mommy” wrote Christine.

“My heart is already bursting with love and gratitude for this little life inside me. I’m humbled, awestruck, and inspired. It’s already a feeling like no other that I’ve ever experienced, and all I can think about is how we can be the best parents possible. We can’t wait to start our family!” added the Netflix star.

It’s not clear if Christine’s pregnancy journey will be featured on Season 4 of Selling Sunset.

So far, the cast has not started filming the popular Netflix show, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if her journey to motherhood will be a storyline when Selling Sunset returns.

Selling Sunset Seasons 1-3 are currently available on Netflix.

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