Scott Disick leaves a thirsty comment for rumored new girlfriend Holly Scarfone

Scott Disick
Scott Disick leaves a flirtatious and thirsty comment on 23-year-old model Holly Scarfone’s Instagram post. Pic credit: ©

Fans may be watching Scott act out on The Kardashians, but his personal life now seems to be anything but the man we see on screen.

Scott’s actions leave fans to believe that he hasn’t moved on from Kourtney and doesn’t want to live his life away from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but it looks like he’s making it work on his own right now.

After being spotted in a strip club in New York around 2:30 Monday morning, Scott left a flirtatious and possibly NSFW comment on 23-year-old model Holly Scarfone’s Instagram post. The comment wasn’t unsolicited, though, as the model tagged Scott’s Instagram account in her picture, putting his username on her butt.

Scott Disick flirts with Holly Scarfone on her latest post

After separating from Kourtney, Scott, 38, has been known to date younger women, and it looks like Holly is no exception.

Though it’s not confirmed if the two are in an actual relationship, they’re at least linked sexually, if not romantically, based on Scott’s comment on Holly’s post.

The model’s post features three photos of her in a white, long-sleeved contouring piece. Though her top is covered, there’s barely a sliver of fabric covering the more sensitive areas of her body down below. 

Scott’s tag seemed to beckon him to her comments, where he wrote, “I can think of a few talents you have right off the top of my head, no pun intended.” 

Scott Disick's comment on Holly Scarfone's post
Pic credit: @hollyscarfone/Instagram

Scott’s comment seems to allude to receiving an oral sex act, though his comment does say “no pun intended,” so perhaps he does think that Holly has other talents.

Holly took his comment in stride, replying with “see u soon” and an emoji of a pair of eyes.

Holly Scarfone's reply to Scott Disick
Pic credit: @hollyscarfone/Instagram

Is Scott Disick dating Holly Scarfone?

The nature of Scott and Holly’s relationship isn’t clear at this time as they appear to remain private, outside of small allusions on Instagram. 

Page Six reports that the two were first linked in February when they were spotted out at dinner in Nobu Malibu together. The following month, they took a trip to Paris for the week. 

Holly Scarfone
Pic credit: Backgrid

However, Scott took Rebecca Donaldson, another younger woman, to the premiere of The Kardashians, so fans aren’t entirely sure if he’s seeing any one person exclusively or if he’s just flirting around. 

The Kardashians airs every Thursday on Hulu.

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