Savannah McKinley highlights her friendship with Sheridan after Brandon’s betrayal on Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

Savannah LTYH
Savannah was betrayed on last night’s episode of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. Pic credit: ABC

Savannah McKinley thought she had found a partner in Brandon on last night’s episode of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.

They had performed together last week and despite them getting a bad review by the judges, Savannah was ready to give it her all during Week 4.

But then, the producers decided to throw a wrench in the plans by allowing people who had previously had a connection to go on dates. That meant that Brandon and Julia would be going on a date together.

As many fans predicted, Brandon decided to say too much and, soon, Savannah decided to leave because she didn’t trust him. Brandon was then stuck with Julia to perform during last night’s live performances.

Savannah McKinley changed her Twitter banner picture to include her and Sheridan

Because Julia and Brandon were a new couple, Sheridan was the other person who left. He wanted to work things out with Julia but she couldn’t see a future with him.

As soon as Sheridan and Savannah left the show because they were both betrayed by their partners, Savannah changed her Twitter banner picture to a photo of her with Sheridan.

Savannah changed her profile picture on Twitter. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

She’s clearly not saying that they are dating or that they are anything more than what fans saw on the show. Instead, she appears to be making a point by highlighting that they are both great people, who were both betrayed by others who wanted something else.

Savannah McKinley was betrayed by Brandon

Savannah thought that Brandon wanted to be with her when he went on a date with Julia. However, she quickly realized that he was a player and would say anything to get what he wanted.

As we covered in our recap for the episode, Brandon and Savannah were challenged when producers decided to shake things up and encouraged people to go on dates. Many viewers suspected that producers were forcing people on dates, just so Julia and Brandon could have some time together without making it completely obvious.

After Savannah left, Natascha asked him if he would pick Savannah to perform with if she was still around and he confirmed that he would. Julia and Brandon performed later that night, only to go home because the judges didn’t see a connection between them.

Even though Savannah was clearly betrayed by Brandon, there are rumors that Savannah had a boyfriend while filming. She has not confirmed anything on her social pages.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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