Savannah Chrisley reveals ‘the time was right’ as new reality show gets underway

Savannah Chrisley on the red carpet.
Savannah Chrisley announced a new reality show is in the works. Pic credit: © Wise/AdMedia

The Chrisleys are back! Well, most of them, anyway.

Savannah Chrisley and her brother, Chase Chrisley, are teaming up with fan-favorite Nanny Faye Chrisley to film a new reality TV series to continue their story.

Chrisley Knows Best ended earlier this year after 10 seasons. The Chrisleys debuted in 2014 and took the reality television world by storm.

Despite Todd and Julie Chrisley serving federal time, Savannah and Chase are ready to give fans a look inside their family dynamic as they learn to adjust to life without their parents.

Their younger siblings, Grayson and Chloe Chrisley, will also be a part of the series as Savannah navigates life as their guardian.

Now the family is back and ready to tell their story on their terms.

Savannah Chrisley reveals the ‘time was right’ to film again

Savannah Chrisley spoke exclusively to People, revealing that she is sure that the production company she is working with will find the perfect place for the series to air.

She said, “We couldn’t have found better partners in Scout Productions. Their ability to balance popular culture and empathy through authentic storytelling is unrivaled and I know they’re going to find the right home for this next chapter of our lives.”

It was also noted that the family is happy to be back.

The Chrisley Knows Best star said, “The time was right to share our story.”

Things appear to be getting off the ground, and Savannah has been teasing a new show for quite some time. She wrapped the second season of Stars on Mars, and things appear to be returning to a routine as Chloe is back in school.

Lindsie Chrisley will not be a part of the upcoming series

Savannah and Chase Chrisley’s older sister, Lindsie Chrisley, will not be a part of the new series.

She and her younger siblings have a contentious relationship, especially with her and Savannah. She revealed that the sisters were taught to fight one another growing up.

Lindsie has seemingly left reality TV in the past, but she remains connected to her grandmother, Nanny Faye. She talks about her on the podcast she hosts but is seemingly happy living her own life away from the cameras.

It’s unclear whether she will be mentioned while filming, but it’s unlikely, given the state of her relationship with Savannah.

There’s no tentative date when the new series will air or which network will pick it up.

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Dave C
Dave C
11 months ago

So disgusting this family being catered to, all to fill their scheming bank accounts. Tv producers will make a program no matter how low the subjects sink to. Everyone should reject watching any program this opportunistic family has anything to do with. Apparently Lindsie won’t stoop to the level of the dishonest, rest of the wining, lying, and stealing no morals family. Boycott this program. This program condones having low morals, not wanting to be held accountable for their illegal actions. We ALL know no matter how many times they say they were wrongly accused the more guilty they make themselves look. Reject this program and any sponsors. 💩💩💩

Debra Newman
Debra Newman
11 months ago
Reply to  Dave C

I agree, they do not deserve to make millions more money by having another tv show. The Chrisley kids are all so spoiled by spending money that their parents embezzled why do they need to make more???

Lyne Wagner
Lyne Wagner
11 months ago

Why shouldn’t they get to make millions? Our politicians do, Bill Cosby does look at all the other famous people sports stars everybody who shouldn’t have a dime oh wait I forgot everything as a white person’s fault nowadays they don’t deserve anything and everybody else deserves everything