Savannah Chrisley does mom duty for Chloe Chrisley’s first day of school

Savannah Chrisley selfie.
Savannah Chrisley celebrated Chloe’s first day of school. Pic credit: @savannahchrisley/Instagram

Savannah Chrisley has taken on mom duty for her brother, Grayson Chrisley, and her niece/sister, Chloe Chrisley, since mid-January.

The Chrisley Knows Best daughter has documented her journey as she handles everything for her siblings.

As the end of summer nears, a new school year is ready to begin.

Chloe began fifth grade, and Savannah was there by her side as they toured the school and her classroom ahead of her first day of school. It’s hard to believe the little girl viewers met 10 seasons ago is one year away from junior high.

It’s bittersweet this year for the Chrisley girls, though. This is just another of the firsts Savannah and Chloe are dealing with as their mom, Julie Chrisley, serves her seven-year sentence.

Naturally, Savannah documented the occasion and shared it with her followers.

Chloe Chrisley heads to fifth grade

Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram to show Chloe Chrisley’s first day of fifth grade outfit and a photo they took at the school ahead of the first day.

She captioned the share, “Our sweet Coco is off to 5th grade!! My heart is so happy 😭 as we walked through her new school yesterday all I could do is cry. Chloe has gone through A LOT of change but throughout the change she has made so much progress! I am beyond blessed for her to be in an environment that encourages growth, love, and acceptance!”

A new school, a new year, and many changes for Chloe. Savannah didn’t elaborate on why she switched schools, but she hinted it might be a better place for her sister to grow as she continues to deal with the situation with her parents.

Savannah Chrisley speaks out against prison conditions where her parents are serving their time

Not only is Savannah Chrisley juggling school with Grayson and Chloe Chrisley, but she is also trying to visit her parents as much as possible.

Todd Chrisley is serving a 12-year sentence in Florida, where it’s been incredibly hot. Savannah has spoken out about the facility not having air conditioning. Temperatures have been abnormally high across the country, making the situation behind bars even more miserable for the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch.

Julie Chrisley is serving her sentence in Kentucky. She is at a facility with a medical wing, but according to Savannah, snakes are in the facility.

Despite things being challenging for the family, Savannah continues to try to make things as normal as possible for her siblings. She has taken on mom duty, and she intends to do the best she can.

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