Savannah Chrisley reveals that Todd and Julie Chrisley haven’t talked to each other in over 6 months

Todd and Julie Chrisley
Todd and Julie Chrisley in 2017. Pic credit: ©

Marriage has its ups and downs, but marriage while in prison is a whole new beast.

While Todd and Julie Chrisley serve their sentences in separate prisons, they haven’t been in contact.

Savannah Chrisley took to her Instagram page to share that her parents haven’t had a “word to each other” in over six months.

“195 days without a word to each other… My heart is breaking… PLEASE HELP TO BRING JUSTICE!” She wrote in an Instagram Story share.

The share included several pictures of her parents together throughout the years and a link to view the court documents.

The family has a website set up at, where legal documents are available for the public to view.

Savannah Chrisley's Instagram Story detailing how long Todd and Julie Chrisley have been apart
Savannah Chrisley’s Instagram Story detailing how long Todd and Julie Chrisley have been apart. Pic credit: @savannahchrisley/Instagram

Chrisley attorney Jay Surgent speaks out against the Chrisley prison sentence

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Jay Surgent is new to the Chrisley defense team and has wasted no time in telling the public exactly what’s going on.

Right now, they are working on appealing a denied request for Todd to serve the rest of his prison sentence from home rather than in prison. Surgent alleges that the person who was supposed to review this opted not to and simply denied the appeal.

Plus, he finds the $17 million restitution to be a bit ridiculous, especially since the pair can’t work and make money while they are in prison.

At this time, Savannah reportedly plans on helping to pay her parents’ restitution.

Prison conditions slammed by defense and Chrisley family

He also spoke out about the prison conditions that Todd is dealing with, noting that it’s incredibly hot and there’s no air conditioning.

Savannah and Chase Chrisley have previously discussed their parents’ conditions in prison, noting that mom Julie Chrisley has snakes right around where she sleeps, and the snakes could be venomous.

While the Chrisleys and Surgent definitely care about Todd and Julie’s wellbeing, Surgent made sure to note that this wasn’t just about them: no one in prison should be living in those conditions.

We can’t say for certain that these actions will help prison reform in a substantial way, but there’s always a possibility that positive change will come from raising awareness about the subject.

For now, Todd and Julie will remain in their respective prisons while their defense team works on appeals to get them out.

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Rose Singh
Rose Singh
11 months ago

This whole thing is a disgrace to our country ❗
There case is not being handled in the right perspective,many others
have done worse than the Chrisley , like the former president,many in Congress, movie stars…
And why in the heck are they not able to work ❓so that they can pay back what you feel is right amount ❓ And any Prison in these conditions should be shut down..This is totally uncalled for ❗I don’t care who you are …Free the “”CHRISLEY’S so they can work to pay back the amount you feel that they need too❗
I am a carrying concealed citizen of my Country ❗❗❗