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Roxy Ahmad says she feels Love Island USA set her up for failure

Cashay and Roxy from Love Island USA
Cashay and Roxy from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Roxy Ahmad showed up at Love Island USA and had an attitude that she needed to do something big to win Islanders over.

However, the girl who said she was “born as an ulgy duckling” who had to develop a personality to compete in life said she shut down when she walked into the villa.

On top of that, she said she felt like Love Island USA set her up for failure.

Roxy talks entering Love Island USA

In an interview with The Shannon Show, Roxy said she felt set up for failure when she showed up on Love Island USA.

“Honestly, when I walked into the villa, I kind of felt like I was kind of set up for failure,” Roxy said. “I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t know I was going in with two other girls, and of course, they are two beautiful, stunning girls.”

Those other two girls were Lei-Yen Rapp and Florita Diaz.

Out of those three girls, only Florita stayed on the island in a new couple, hooking up with Jeremy Hershberg.

“As soon as I walked into the villa, I kind of knew that I wasn’t going to have a romantic connection with any of the guys,” Roxy said. “I knew straight away I would only be friends with these guys.”

Roxy admitted that she needs to be friends first usually with guys, but in the villa, in only the few days she was there, she didn’t have time to get to know anyone, and most guys already had someone anyway.

“I was only in there a few days and it just wasn’t enough time to get to know someone on a romantic level,” Roxy admitted.

Roxy and Isaiah was ‘forced’

Roxy said she tried to hook up with Isaiah Harmison since he was one of the only single guys in the villa, but she said it felt too forced.

“I know I had kind of a relationship with Isaiah on the show which was really shown a lot, but it just felt so forced,” Roxy said. “If I had stayed there longer, something could have come from that romantically, but with me just being there a few days, it was really forced and I feel like he felt the same way too.”

She didn’t feel she could find someone once she went in.

“A lot of it was going in there, everyone kind of had their person already, like everyone was very coupled up, and it’s so awkward when the girls are there,” Roxy said, explaining that Casa Amor is different because the girls are not there and you can just talk to the guys.

“It was really awkward,” she said. “I’m not the kind to step on someone’s toes.”

She also said that she talked to Jeremy but saw he was into Florita and most of the other guys “wouldn’t give her the time of day.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.