Rodney Mathews calls The Bachelorette co-star Nayte Olukoya his brother for life

Rodney Mathews in black
Rodney Mathews sings roommate Nayte Olukoya’s praises. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette consistently produces bromance and it seems one of the strongest bromances from Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette was between beloved fan-favorite Rodney Mathews and current frontrunner Nayte Olukoya. 

Rodney took time out to share his love for Nayte and how Nayte has become an important influence on his life. 

Rodney Mathews and Nayte Olukoya got close as roommates on the show 

Rodney shared a post on social media that featured photos of him and Nayte smiling, putting up the peace sign, and making silly faces in what appears to be a mirror selfie. 

Rodney wrote a heartfelt caption for Nayte along with the post and shared about how being roommates during the show bonded them. 

In Rodney’s caption, he opened by saying, “Roomies turned brothers” with a peace sign emoji and laughing emoji. 

Rodney then continues on, saying, “Can’t believe night one we knew instantly we had to be roommates. One of the few people I know who can match my energy. In such a short period of time you’ve already taught me so much and made a major impact in my life. My brother 4 life” with a fist emoji. 

Interestingly, Rodney seems to have given the bromance a couple-nickname as one of his hashtags in the caption was #RodNayte. 

Rodney certainly had positive and infectious energy on the show which led many The Bachelorette viewers to fall in love with him and root for him to be named the next Bachelor. It’s sweet knowing Rodney felt Nayte matched his energy and became so much more than a roommate but a lifelong brother during filming. 

Nayte playfully blamed Rodney for his eyebrows 

A while back, Nayte also took to social media to discuss Rodney as his roommate but his take was humorously less positive. 

Nayte discussed his razor-sharp eyebrow look on the show and admitted that he had gone too far when shaving his eyebrows and has since grown them back in.

However, Nayte was not about to take all the responsibility for his severe eyebrow look and he instead told his followers to blame Rodney for the brows since Rodney was his roommate and never informed him that he was doing too much with the grooming. 

Rodney found humor in Nayte’s video and the two men clearly have developed a humorous banter between each other. It’s nice to see yet another bromance going strong within The Bachelor franchise. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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