Robyn Brown says she’s lived in secrecy most of her life, happy to be open about who she is

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Robyn Brown posted on Twitter this week, saying she has lived in secrecy most of her life.

Kody Brown’s fourth (and only legal) wife detailed her post, saying, “Living in secrecy most of my life was very hard and I am so happy that my family and I get to be open about who we are.”

“It hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it. A lot of families do not get to be open and do not get to own who they are.”

Robyn’s tweet was possibly a follow-up post in response to the family’s Sister Wives episode on Sunday.

In the last episode, the Browns visited the Dargers in Utah, where polygamy has recently been decriminalized. The Dargers played a role in the legal change.

The Browns were living in Utah when Robyn entered the family, but fled to Las Vegas to escape criminal prosecution for polygamy, another possible reference for the motive of her tweet.

Robyn Brown tweeted about polygamy
Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs/Twitter

Fans sounded off, and weren’t shy about voicing their opinions about Robyn nor her family. Some were complimentary; others, not so much.

Robyn Brown on Twitter
Many of Robyn’s followers were supportive of her Tweet. Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs

Many followers were critical of Robyn and her family

Robyn Brown on Twitter
Many comments were derogatory. Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs

Robyn grew up in a plural family

Robyn grew up in the lifestyle, or the “principle,” as sister wife Janelle explained in the season opener. Robyn and the rest of the Brown family consider themselves fundamentalist Mormons.

Not a lot of information is available about Robyn’s early life. She was raised by parents who practiced plural marriage, while she was only married monogamously before meeting Kody and his other three wives.

Robyn has mentioned in Sister Wives episodes that growing up in a polygamist family was hard. Children were often afraid their families would be torn apart if their fathers were arrested for polygamy.

Robyn first entered the Brown family when Kody’s third wife, Christine, was pregnant with her sixth child. Robyn brought three children from her previous marriage into the family.

Kody’s first wife, Meri, legally divorced him in 2014 so he could marry Robyn legally in order to adopt her three children, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna.

Robyn is Kody’s fourth wife, joining sister wives Meri, Christine, and Janelle. Kody has spiritual marriages with his other three wives, since the law only allows one legal spouse.

Robyn has received a lot of flak for being Kody’s “favorite” wife, with some fans theorizing that she’s plotting to become Kody’s only wife.

Kody recently shared that, since the pandemic, he spends a lot more time at Robyn’s house. He also told TLC’s cameras that he isn’t advocating for polygamy anymore, leaving fans to wonder if Robyn and Kody have planned to be a monogamous couple all along.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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