Robyn Brown praises Christine Brown, calls her ‘brave’ amid Sister Wives One House drama

Sister Wives on TLC
Robyn Brown shows she respects Sister Wives star, Christine Brown. Pic credit: TLC

In the entire argument about the One House idea of Sister Wives, it is Christine Brown who is the most against the plan.

This lead to a very intense moment between Christine and Kody Brown when they were talking about the idea.

It even got to the point where Kody made a comment about being one with the family or leaving.

Kody Brown gives an ultimatum on Sister Wives

Kody Brown was still trying to sell his wives on the idea of One House for everyone to live in.

There would be four wings, with each wife getting their own wing of the house. Then, in between the wings would be a living area for everyone to congregate in as one big family.

This is despite Kody Brown being against the idea of his wives hanging out together anymore since they seem to disagree more often than not.

Kody Brown then said the following:

“We’ve decided we’re a family. But what if you decided we’re not a family anymore?” Brown said. “You’ve got to have an asset you can sell as you move on, we buy you out.”

Kody was using the word “we” there but Meri Brown was not happy about that, saying that Kody Brown should not be speaking for her.

The episode also showed a huge, intense disagreement with Christine Brown, who is more against the One House idea than any other woman in the family.

Robyn comes to Christine’s defense

After the episode last Sunday when Christine said that she was against the One House, actually saying how much she hated the entire idea, the two had a big disagreement.

Many fans consider Robyn to be Kody’s “favorite” wife right now. She is his most recent wife and he divorced his only legal wife, Meri, to marry Robyn so he could adopt her children.

This led to Meri and Kody Brown suffering from relationship problems, but it also has many fans feeling Kody shows preferential treatment for Robyn over his other three wives.

That made her Twitter message about Christine so interesting among the One House disagreements.

“I don’t think it was fair that so much pressure was put on Christine for how she feels about one home. She is being very honest and brave.”

While Robyn has concerns about the One House idea, she is open to it. However, while Christine feels she is a better mother living separately from the other Sister Wives, Robyn respects Christine’s opinion.

At least she respects it more than Kody Brown seems to.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC. 

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