Rob Warne goes off on ‘clout chasing’ Statler and calls her ‘disgusting’

90 Day Fiance cast members Rob Warne and Statler Riley screenshot image.
Rob Warne claps back at Statler Riley. Pic credit: TLC

Statler Riley has been trying to keep her name out there since her time on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days ended.

However, her constant comments about the cast have rubbed 90 Day Fiance star Rob Warne the wrong way, and now he’s clapping back.

He recently blasted Statler on social media and accused her of “clout chasing” after she said something about him, and also talked “s**t” about his fiance Sophie Sierra some time ago.

The 33-year-old has been critical of certain cast members on Instagram, and Rob thinks she’s doing it for attention to gain more followers.

A few months ago, Statler blasted Mary and Brandan over their inhumane treatment of a monkey that was tied to a tree in their yard and called for the couple to be canceled.

However, while that instance was well-intentioned, Rob doesn’t seem to think that’s the case with Statler’s other comments.

Statler Riley calls out 90 Day Fiance star Rob Warne for playing the ‘victim’

A preview for the upcoming 90 Day Fiance episode was posted online. It features a scene with Rob and Sophie.

The sneak peek shows a tense discussion between Rob and Sophie’s mom, Claire, after he called her “aggressive.”

After watching the clip, viewers had much to say, and many people sided with Rob in the comments.

Statler also shared her two cents and clarified that she’s not a fan of the LA native.

“Rob: the person who makes little digs at people continuously & then acts like the victim when he’s called out,” wrote Statler.

Statler Riley's Instagram comment
Statler responds. Pic credit: @90daysfianceclip/Instagram

The comment triggered a response from Rob, and he did not hold back.

Rob Warne claps back at ‘clout chasing’ Statler in a lengthy rant

Rob Warne had time today, and he let Statler have it after she made a snarky comment about him.

The 90 Day Fiance star tagged Statler and said, “Stay in these comments talking your s**t about every other couple, as if you don’t know how this show is,” responded Rob. “Didn’t you start out talking s**t about sophie on other posts?”

“You are a flip floppy clout chasing super annoying know it all who jumps who jumps from comment section to comment section throwing judgements on other cast members which in itself makes you disgusting,” he told her.

Rob Warne claps back at Statler Riley on Instagram
Rob hits back. Pic credit: @90daysfianceclip/Instagram

In the lengthy rant, the 32-year-old referred to Statler as “the leader of trolls” and accused her of looking for controversy to get views.

“You are a shady fake person and you know it🤷🏽‍♂️,” Rob added.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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