Statler calls for Mary and Brandan to be ‘canceled’ over ‘disgusting’ animal abuse

90 Day Fiance stars Mary and Statler screenshot
Statler slams Mary and Brandan for animal abuse. Pic credit: TLC

Statler is outraged at the behavior of 90 Day Fiance: The Other couple Mary and Brandan DeNuccio, and now she wants them canceled.

She’s not the first person to speak out on the couple’s behavior, but this time it’s not their toxic romance that has the TLC star in an uproar, it’s an alleged animal abuse situation.

After watching an episode of the show and seeing a chain on a wild monkey that the couple had chained up in their yard, the brunette beauty spoke out.

Statler shared a few posts on social media and bashed Brandan and Mary’s disgusting behavior and urged her other castmates to call them out.

She also included a link to the police in the Philippines and urged fans of the popular TLC franchise to report them.

So far, Amanda Wilhelm has also reshared the post and showed support for Statler in her bid to have the pair held accountable for their actions.

Statler slams Brandan and Mary for ‘illegal animal abuse’

Mary and Brandan are getting bashed online after a recent episode showed a monkey chained to a tree in their yard.

Statler shared screenshots of the animal being kept as a pet by the young couple.

“They should be canceled from all things 90 Day Fiance,” wrote Statler in her Instagram Story. “Disgusting to chain a monkey- a wild animal – and claim it b/c it’s a pet. Shame on them. Canceled “

Screenshot of Statler's Instagram Story
Statler wants Brandan and Mary canceled. Pic credit: @_statler.

Statler wasn’t done yet. She posted a close-up screenshot of the monkey eating a banana with a large chain wrapped around its waist and urged her followers to take action.

“I encourage other 90 day cast members to call this out & cancel Mary & Brandan for outright illegal animal abuse,” wrote Statler.

“Fans- please report to authorities-apparently Facebook works best,” she added.

Screenshot of Statler's Instagram Story
Statler blasts Brandan and Mary DeNuccio. Pic credit: @_statler

Brandan and Mary release the monkey into the wild after viewer outrage

Statler wasn’t the only one outraged by the animal abuse displayed by the naive young couple.

They got backlash from viewers and eventually decided to post a now-deleted video releasing the animal back into the wild according to an update posted by Statler.

“This level of sociopathy is beyond me,” said the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star, who noted that the monkey will likely have no clue how to survive in the wild.

“It needed to be taken to a legitimate rescue,” she said. “These people are disgusting. May karma give them the life they deserve.”

Amanda Wilhelm Instagram Story
Amanda slams Mary and Brandan. Pic credit: @amanda.wilhelm_/Instagram

Statler’s castmate Amanda Wilhelm also reshared the post and wrote, “I agree with @_statler 💯 Disgusting behavior!”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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