90 Day Fiance fans side with Rob over Sophie in ‘fake’ scene

90 Day Fiance couple Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne
Viewers dish on Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra’s awkward scene. Pic credit: TLC

Rob Warne needs to savor this unexpected moment because it will likely never happen again!

90 Day Fiance viewers are siding with the LA native after an awkward scene between him and Sophie Sierra in the latest episode.

Fans of the show are convinced that the scene was “fake” and entirely orchestrated by show producers.

In one of the most ridiculous arguments we’ve seen from the Season 10 couple, and there have been many, this one has people calling out Sophie for her behavior.

Meanwhile, the time is inching closer and closer to Sophie and Rob tying the knot, and it’s not looking good for the couple.

For the most part, Rob keeps getting called out for the red flags in their relationship, as his attitude has rubbed people incorrectly.

Sophie’s mom is not exactly a fan of the 32-year-old either, and after he was caught getting raunchy with women online, she told Sophie to pack her bags and return to England.

Viewers have been saying the same thing, but Sophie hasn’t heeded those warnings so far.

Sophie Sierra loses it on Rob Warne while visiting an adult toy store

Sophie went a little crazy in the latest episode, but 90 Day Fiance fans are convinced it was scripted.

That’s the only logical explanation for why a random employee in the adult toy the couple was browsing in walked up and propositioned them.

Rob, who recently found out that Sophie is bi-sexual, opted to let his fiance respond to the woman’s request.

However, his lack of response caused the 23-year-old to explode, and the pair kicked off an awkward argument inside the store.

90 Day Fiance viewers side with Rob during the ‘fake’ scene

After the clip was reposted online, 90 Day Fiance viewers shared their views and sided with Rob Warne.

“Now I personally don’t like Rob, but in this moment I agree with him,” wrote one commenter, adding, “Sophie why you starting mess in a s*x shop 😒.”

“Okay, Sophie was childish and immature in this moment. Her argument made no sense. Her 23yrs just showed. 🙄,” reasoned someone else.

Another person also said, “I actually agree with Rob this time.”

Several viewers also expressed that the scene between Rob and Sophie and the other woman was planned by the producers.

90 Day Fiance fans sound off on the latest episode
Pic credit: @omfgrealitytv/Instagram

“Production paid that lady to say that! 😂😂😂,” wrote one commenter.

“Ok production try again this is so fake 😂😂,” said someone else.

“I know production set up this scene,” another viewer added.

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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