Rob Kardashian scores a big win in court against Blac Chyna’s friend Pilot Jones

Rob Kardashian wins court case after being sued
Rob Kardashian was awarded $45,000 in attorney fees during a recent court case. Pic credit:

Rob Kardashian just won big in court after an ongoing court case with Blac Chyna’s friend, Justin “Pilot” Jones.

The single dad was awarded a $45,000 motion for attorney fees stemming from the 2018 lawsuit. However, The Blast reported that this figure is less than the $60,000 that Kardashian had requested.

Justin Jones $2 million lawsuit

This judgment comes after Rob filed a claim to dismiss several claims brought by Justin in his lawsuit against both Rob and the mother of his child, Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White.

Jones asked the judge for $2 million in damages, claiming that Rob and a then-pregnant Chyna had ruined his life, even causing him to attempt suicide.

Justin’s lawsuit makes several claims against the former couple — one being that they outed him as a gay man on their social media platforms, and even threatened him.

Furthermore, a photo of Jones and Chyna making out had leaked online and the couple accused Jones of selling the photo.

He denies these claims but says Kardashian and Chyna convinced their millions of followers that he was behind it. He also says they leaked his personal phone number to their Instagram followers, which resulted in him receiving threatening messages.

In the lawsuit, Pilot submitted several threatening text message screenshots, allegedly sent to him from the former couple. In one, he points out that Rob threatened to hire a hitman to kill Jones.

 Kardashian tried to have the lawsuit dismissed

Kardashian asked that the lawsuit be thrown out on the grounds that it was Chyna who posted the disparaging comments to social media and not him.

According to The Blast, in 2019, Jones provided the messages as “evidence of multiple measures of damages he suffered as a result of Kardashian’s Group Texts.”

Pilot Jones claims to have feared for his life to the point where he even moved to Louisiana. He was forced to see a counselor multiple times per month and said that he didn’t feel safe in public. Jones also claimed that his feud with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna led to a suicide attempt.

Chyna also rebutted her former friends’ claims, saying that to her knowledge, Justin was an openly gay man.

She says, “At all times during our friendship, J.C. was very open about his sexuality, that he was gay.”

She also added,  “I recall that his social media posts at the time did not hide the fact that he was gay. Based on everything I knew about J.C., I believed that he was an openly gay man and that his sexuality was well known.”

Well, now Rob can rest a little easier since the judge has dismissed several of the claims, and has awarded him a substantial amount.

However, it is not quite over for Rob. One of Pilot’s claims is still pending, so we’ll have to wait and see how that one plays out.

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