River Everett says he needs a personal trainer, tells The Family Chantel fans what he needs to motivate him

River Everett
River Everett expressed his need for a personal trainer. Pic credit: TLC

River Everett has been making some major physical and lifestyle changes since Season 3 of The Family Chantel ended and he has been sharing a lot about his life on social media.

Most recently, it appears that he wants to focus on his body and getting some gains but declared that he is going to need the help of a trainer to do so because he has a doughnut problem.

He also thinks that he lacks the motivation when it comes to saying no to bad foods and that the extra encouragement would be helpful.

River Everett divulged that he needs a personal trainer and motivation

River shares a lot of personal information about himself through his Instagram Stories and Lives and his latest declaration to his fans involved his fitness.

He used a comical scenario to describe the inspiration he would need to stay away from his favorite unhealthy food.

In a mirror selfie, River stood flexing his arm muscles in the mirror while wearing a tight long sleeve shirt.

In the caption he wrote, “I need a trainer but I also need someone to fight me every time I pick up a doughnut with the chocolate filling..”

River Everett's Instagram story
River used his Instagram Stories to talk about what he needed in order to get fit. Pic credit: @iamriverknight/Instagram

If River does decide to get a trainer and make an effort to stay away from his favorite doughnuts his followers will most likely be taken on that journey via Instagram.

A lot of change has been happening in River Everett’s life

River’s girlfriend on Season 3 of The Family Chantel, Megan Montenegro, dumped him during one of the last episodes. They maintained their relationship on social media up until that episode and then both of them deleted any trace of each other off their pages and they don’t follow each other.

River has since moved out of his parent’s house and into an apartment, although he had a run-in with overly clingy fans who now know where he lives.

After the show aired, River stepped out on Instagram with a new hairstyle that may have been a breakup move. He shaved his head down from his buoyant long curls.

The main focus in River’s life at this time, however, is his music. He has been hard at work producing songs and promoting them on social media.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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