The Family Chantel: Viewers are skeptical of River’s new girlfriend amid clout chasing rumors

River Everett and his girlfriend Megan
The Family Chantel viewers think that River’s new girlfriend might be disingenuine. Pic credit: TLC

River introduced the special woman in his life during the new season of The Family Chantel. Her name is Megan and she 28-years-old to River’s 23 years of age and she also has a child while River explained that he has never really been in a relationship before this one.

Red flags were set off for The Family Chantel viewers when they learned that Megan is an aspiring model and singer and that she and River have not even kissed yet.

River publically solidified his relationship with Megan in a recent Instagram post of them together and it received a lot of skepticism.

Skeptical The Family Chantel viewers think River Everett’s new girlfriend Megan may be clout chasing

Due to Megan’s background and career aspirations and River’s position on TV, The Family Chantel viewers are very skeptical of Megan’s motives and intentions.

On River’s recent post which featured several pictures of him and Megan close together, critics gave their opinions on the budding relationship.

One critic offered their opinion by remarking, “She just wanna be on TV (laughing/crying emoji).”

While another petitioned, “River she’s in it for the clout.”

Someone else wary of the situation commented five red flags which received the most likes in the post’s comments.

IG comment's from River's IG post
Critics shared their skepticism. Pic credit: @iamriverknight/Instagram

The Family Chantel viewers warned River Everett about introducing Megan to his judgemental family

As The Family Chantel viewers know, the Everett family is especially notorious for being extremely hard on the significant others of everyone in the family.

With that said, Karen Everett will perhaps be the biggest obstacle to River and Megan’s relationship because she is very judgemental of her children’s partners and is relentless about getting answers.

Many The Family Chantel viewers agree with that sentiment and shared similar thoughts on the post with him and Megan.

One person wrote, “It’s his turn for everyone to turn on him and his girlfriend.”

While another critic urged, “River, I would strongly suggest you just it between y’all for the time being js. When family gets involved could be chaos/drama.”

The Family Chantel viewers spoke up about the issues he could face from his family by introducing Megan. Pic credit: @iamriverknight/Instagram

Before River introduces Megan to his family he is going to meet hers as well as her friends. In the trailer for the upcoming episode, things look like they will be tense as the people close to Megan pass judgment on River, especially for his living situation with his parents.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays on Discovery+.

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