RHOSLC: Mary Cosby under fire for another racially ‘inappropriate’ comment, this time about Jennie Nguyen

Mary Cosby on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
Mary Cosby has offended someone yet again, and it hasn’t even been a week since her last apology. Pic credit: Bravo

Mary Cosby has found herself in hot water again after trying to compliment Jennie Nguyen and instead insulted the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie.

The eccentric new Bravo star has already apologized (and then seemingly deleted that apology) for commenting on Jen Shah’s situation, likening her RHOSLC castmate to a “Mexican thug.”

That drew plenty of ire from viewers and even from other castmates, including Lisa Barlow, who tweeted after the fact that Mary “should be ashamed.”

But it seems that Mary isn’t apologetic for her latest racially insensitive comment. In fact, she claims she was giving a compliment.

Mary Cosby offends Jennie Nguyen on RHOSLC

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jennie Nguyen invited the ladies to a lunch in the park to share her Vietnamese cuisine with them. Mary Cosby was there in rare form, and she put her foot in her mouth twice when trying to have a conversation with Jennie.

It all started when they talked about Jennie as a blonde after she tried on one of Meredith Marks’ wigs. Mary tried to compliment the RHOSLC newcomer, except it wasn’t a compliment at all.

“I bet you looked pretty,” Mary said. Then she added, “You do have yellow tones, though.”

Then, after looking at a picture of Jennie wearing the blonde wig, Mary dug herself even deeper. She said, “Ooo nice, I like the slanted eyes. Love it.”

And while no one at the lunch seemed to notice or be offended by Mary’s “compliment,” Jennie Nguyen was angry.

“What the hell? Did Mary just say she likes my slanted eyes? Does she not know it’s inappropriate?” Jennie fumed. “It’s not even a compliment. If this wasn’t my event, Mary would have been on the ground.”

This isn’t the end of the drama yet, because, in an RHOSLC preview, we see Jennie confront Mary about the comment, and things could get pretty dicey because Mary still doesn’t seem to understand that what she said was very rude and offensive.

“When you referenced slanted eyes, that’s very insulting to me,” Jennie can be seen telling Mary in the preview.

And to Jennie’s dismay, Mary responded, “I love slanted eyes.”

Get ready for another apology from Mary because Jennie was still irate after Mary seemingly shrugged off her anger, insisting that she was giving a compliment.

Mary Cosby already apologized about Jen Shah ‘Mexican thug’ comment

Mary’s latest affront comes just a week after she apologized for another racially insensitive and downright rude remark.

In a previous episode from this season, Mary managed to turn heads when she called Jen Shah heartless during a conversation with Lisa Barlow where she said, “When I think about Jen, I see heartless, I see a thug. Like, you know, those Mexican people that make all those drugs. To pit me with that?!”

Mary took to Instagram to apologize for the comment, which has since been deleted.

“I would like to take this opportunity to address a comment I made on the last episode of RHOSLC. I used poor judgment in my choice of words. Please accept my apologies,” she wrote, in part. “I was not trying to single out the Mexican culture. I am African American, and I know racism first hand. I’ve lived it daily my entire life.”

Mary Cosby calls another RHOSLC cast member racist

There has been plenty of controversy regarding Mary and her church as well, with questions about the pressure Mary applies to get her congregation to donate money.

It’s been a major point of contention on the show, and Whitney Rose even called Mary’s church a “cult,” prompting Mary to fire back at Whitney, calling her racist.

There have even been claims that some of Mary’s church members have been forced to rely on government aid and have taken out second mortgages on their homes to donate more to the church. Meanwhile, she’s one of the richest members of the RHOSLC cast.

So far, no apology has come for Jennie Nguyen, but maybe there’s still hope since the issue will be a part of the next episode of the show.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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