RHOSLC: Jen Shah files motion to have her criminal case thrown out, here’s why

RHOSLC star Jen Shah wants her case thrown out for one crazy reason.
Jen’s claiming her contacts caused her to waive her Miranda rights. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah has filed a motion to have her criminal case thrown out because of confusing and dry contacts.

It’s no secret Jen’s facing some serious legal troubles. The Bravo personality was indicted for the part she played in a long-running telemarketing scheme that targeted older adults.

Jen and her assistant, Stuart Smith, were arrested at the end of March. Yes, cameras were rolling on Season 2 of RHOSLC, so viewers will get to see it all play out on the small screen.

Jen Shah files a motion to have her criminal case thrown out

Earlier this week, new court papers were filed in Manhattan to have Jen’s case thrown out because dry contacts led her to waive her Miranda rights. According to PageSix, Jen did sign a document waiving those rights, but now the reality star is saying she didn’t know what she was signing.

The new court papers reveal that Jen is now claiming her contacts were dry, and she didn’t have her reading glasses with her. She claims this meant her vision was blurred, which prevented her from thoroughly reading the paperwork.

PageSix also reveals Jen’s lawyers allege she signed the documents “as a direct result of law enforcement deception and trickery calculated to overpower her will.” The affidavit also states many flaws in the case and investigation involving The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City starlet.

Jen has declared in the motion that she was confused during questioning. She alleges a police officer denied she was under arrest, insisting the cops only wanted to talk to her.

RHOSLC star Jen Shah didn’t suspect the conversation with police was being recorded

Another development in Jen’s case claims she didn’t know or even suspect her conversation with the police was being recorded during questioning. The court papers reveal Jen wasn’t told about the recording at all.

“I did not know the purpose of the conversation or what, if anything, I was being charged with until close to the end of the 1-hour, 20-minute interrogation,” read court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight.

Jen’s lawyers further insist the police officers’ statements implied he was only trying to clear up an issue and help the Bravo personality. The affidavit calls the cops’ claims invalid since he knew Jen would be taken to face a judge based on her being indicted in New York.

Should the motion to dismiss not be granted, her lawyers are asking for two things.

One is that all of Jen’s statements after waiving her Miranda rights are not allowed at trial. The second is for prosecutors to make more specific charges against Jen so her lawyers can build her defense better.

There’s more to RHOSLC star Jen Shah’s legal drama so stay tuned as more details emerge.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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