RHOSLC: Fans outraged after Jen Shah’s cousin sets up GoFundMe page to raise $2.5 million for legal fees

Jen Shah on RHOSLC
A GoFundMe page was set up for Jen Shah to help with her legal fees and fans were not happy Pic credit: Bravo

It looks like Jen Shah’s cousin, Danny Filipe, has set up a GoFundMe page to help The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star with her legal fees.

According to a housewives fanpage, the GoFundMe was set up to raise nearly $2.5 million.

The site was taken down after being up for only 24 hours, but a brief description for the page’s goal was listed.

As reported by PageSix, the site read, “We are asking 10,000 caring souls to donate $2.5 million. Jen is facing decades incarcerated in prison separated from her family if she’s [unable] to mount a competent and well thought out the defense.”

It continued, “In seven weeks, Jen and her family have spent over $138,000 in legal fees and costs. My family is asking for your help for Jen and the Shah family,”

Several people complained to GoFundMe and they released a statement on the taken down site and wrote, “The fundraiser violates our Terms of Service. The fundraiser has been removed from the platform.”

According to GoFundMe’s terms of service, it states that they prohibit donations used “for the legal defense of alleged crimes associated with…financial crimes or crimes of deception.”

Fans are outraged by the GoFundMe page for Jen Shah

Upon finding out about the GoFundMe page setup for Jen, fans were outraged and took to social media to share their disgust.

One fan commented, saying how the whole thing was “literally so f****d up” and felt that money should be raised for people “who work honestly” to make a living.

A fan thinks the GoFundMe page is messed up
A fan thinks the GoFundMe page is messed up Pic credit: @allysse_thomas/Instagram

Several fans commented simply noting that the entire thing was “disgusting.”

Fans think the GoFundMe page is "disgusting."
Fans think the GoFundMe page is “disgusting.” Pic credit: @riversmaudsley/Instagram @mdriggett/Instagram

One fan even went so far as to say that Jen should be fired by Bravo.

A fan thinks Jen should be fired by Bravo
A fan thinks Jen should be fired by Bravo Pic credit: @gayla2/Instagram

Jen’s current legal battle

Jen was arrested on fraud and money-laundering charges alongside her first assistant Stuart Smith on March 30.

The two of them are being accused of allegedly selling customer information to companies as part of a telemarketing scam that reportedly started in 2012 and continued as recently as March of this year.

Jen has pleaded not guilty to all charges and her trial is set to begin on October 18 of this year.

Despite her legal battle, Jen continued to film Season 2 of RHOSLC alongside her castmates. It’s unknown at this time how much of her legal drama will play out on screen.

While it’s clear her family is doing their best to support her through this difficult time, the GoFundMe page did not go over well with the public.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently on hiatus.

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