RHOSLC: Andy Cohen thinks Jen Shah gave Heather Gay her black eye

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Andy Cohen thinks Jen Shah gave Heather Gay her black eye. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Bravo boss Andy Cohen has a theory about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay’s mysterious black eye.

The saga began on a Season 3 RHOSLC cast trip to San Diego when Heather took off her sunglasses the morning after a night out to reveal frightening bruising all around her left eye.

Heather wouldn’t say how she got the injury, leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions about what might have gone down.

Especially after Heather claimed on the Season 3 reunion that she had “blacked out” and couldn’t remember what happened, some fans suspected that she’d been in a drunken fight with former friend and co-star – and now convicted felon – Jen Shah.

On Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen seemed to agree.

When asked about the drama, Andy’s WWHL guest, Vanderpump Rules star and noted Real Housewives fan Lala Kent, told him she believed that Heather had gotten the black eye “from a cast member.”

“From Jen Shah?” Andy asked, and when Lala confirmed, Andy said he thought so too.

“I don’t think she hit her head on a cabinet and got scratches on her arm,” he added.

RHOSLC stars think it was Jen Shah who attacked Heather Gay

In part 1 of the RHOSLC Season 3 reunion, Heather claimed not to know how she’d gotten the bruises.

“I woke up terrified,” the Bravo star explained, adding, “I don’t know how it happened.”

But footage from the show seemed to contradict her claims.

At the time, Heather said that she did remember what happened, but didn’t want to “get anyone in trouble” by sharing her side of the story.

Meanwhile, other cast members voiced their own suspicions about Jen Shah’s possible role.

“I would think it was Jen,” their co-star Whitney Rose said in a confessional, before wondering aloud, “What if Heather ticked off Jen, and Jen hit her?”

Whitney speculated that Heather might be keeping the truth under wraps out of concern for Jen, who was then facing an impending jury trial for wire fraud: “Does she think this is gonna be bad for her trial?”

RHOSLC’s Heather Gay says she ‘played coy’ about the black eye saga

While on the press circuit for her memoir Bad Mormon, which came out earlier this month, Heather shared a few more details about the black eye saga.

Speaking with Interview Magazine, the Bravo star repeated her claim that she couldn’t remember the incident.

“I woke up with a black eye and I couldn’t explain it,” she told the outlet, claiming that she “played coy” about the cause of the injury because she thought that footage explaining the black eye might still come to light.  

“I hoped that it would resolve itself,” the Bravo star said, “and hopefully it will.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently on hiatus.

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