Ashley Darby drops bombshells about ‘catalyst’ for separation from Michael Darby

Ashley Darby reveals new information about separation from Michael Darby. Pic credit: ashleyboalchdarby/Instagram

Ashley Darby dropped some bombshells about her estranged relationship with Michael Darby on a recent podcast appearance. 

Last week was Ashley’s birthday week and her first celebration as a single woman in nearly a decade. The reality star, who turned 34 years old, celebrated with a cast trip to Mexico. Bravo cameras were rolling, as was Ashley’s iPhone, recording TikTok dance videos.

Ashley appeared on a podcast with host Melissa Pfeister, and the host was able to extrapolate some information from the reality star, including previously unknown information about her living arrangements and relationship status.

Ashley Darby reveals there was a catalyst to her Michael Darby breakup

Ashley Darby was a guest on Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister last week. 

The podcast host, Melissa, wanted to know about Ashley’s recent separation from her husband of eight years, Michael Darby. 

The Darby separation was announced during the filming of Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac. While Ashley could not reveal too much because the show was filming, she did drop some nuggets of knowledge.

The interviewer asked Ashley if one specific thing happened to make her call it quits with Michael. Ashley answered, without giving away too much information, “Yes there was an event ultimately that was the catalyst for what was already happening between us.”

Ashley said she wanted to wait to drop the news of the separation until filming was over but said that details of the troubled relationship began appearing on the blogs, and she had no choice but to reveal the truth in April.

In optimistic news, Ashley holds no resentment toward Michael. She shared, “I don’t hate him, there’s no resentment, it’s kind of the way it is.”

Fans will see what transpired in Season 7 of the show. 

Ashley Darby says that she and Michael Darby still live together

The reality star revealed another piece of previously unknown information about her and Michael Darby. She told podcast host Melissa Pfeister that although she and Michael are separating, they still live together.

The host was surprised and thought navigating divorce and cohabitation would be challenging.

Ashley said, “We live together, we’re still in the house so that’s a challenge,” adding: “We still live together, for our children.”

Interviewer Michelle Pfeister then wondered if Michael tried to put the moves on her or told her she looked “sexy.” Ashley denied that and said, “No, we’re roommates. All we talk about is the kids’ school, the kids’ breakfast.”

Ashley continued that the part of her brain which was attracted to Michael shut off and that she needed physical and mental stimulation, with precedence on the latter.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 is filming, and no release date has been announced.

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