RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel steps up to help with coronavirus efforts

Bethenny Frankel is raising money during the coronavirus outbreak
Bethenny Frankel raising money to create “corona kits.” Pic credit: @bethennyfrankel/Instagram

One of the reasons Bethenny Frankel has decided to quit The Real Housewives of New York City was to put more time into her volunteering efforts. Now, she is raising money through her foundation BStrong to create “corona kits.”

The kits contain things that can help families prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  The kits contain things like masks, gloves, sanitization wipes, and hand sanitizer.

BStrong hopes to create 20,000 kits for those in poverty who cannot afford these essentials. She is also raising money to purchase cash cards for those struggling to feed their children during this time.

Bethenny Frankel is raising money to create “corona kits” to help prevent the spread of coronavirus

At the time of posting, Bethenny said BStrong has raised over $50,000. Bethenny admits that she is obviously not a doctor or an expert on coronavirus, but she is a mother who understands the fear going around right now.

Bethenny is mother to 9-year-old Bryn, who goes to school in New York City. As schools around the country are closing, many New York schools are giving parents the option to leave their kids in school or not.

This is because many schools offer meals and shelter for working parents who live below the poverty line. Bethenny said she hopes to offer some support and help to those who need it during this time.

While Bethenny and her daughter have been staying at home, she does plan to travel to Tennessee soon. She said she will be volunteering to help those affected by the Nashville tornado.

Bethenny posted an update about the corona kits on her Instagram page. She wrote, “#BStrong Update: in partnership with @globalempowermentmission to help people protect themselves against the #Coronavirus / #COVID19 with #coronakits. We are assembling hydration/sanitization kits for thousands who can’t afford the price gouging happening in the sanitization space right now.”

She continued, “We have also raised $50k to start our initiative that will provide cash cards for families who can’t afford their children’s lunches if they don’t attend school. #thisisacrisis Learn more at the link in my stories and donate to help at the link in my bio. As always, ? goes to the effort. Xoxo”

Bethenny’s BStrong currently helps people suffering after natural disasters around the world

In addition, BStrong is currently raising money for the Australia fires, Amazon fires, Puerto Rico earthquakes, and Hurricane Dorian survivors. If you are interested in donating to BStrong, click here to learn more and donate.

BStrong purchases cash cards for those affected by these disasters. They also help rebuild homes and provide aid and supplies. It is so great to see people helping others!

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