RHONY: Rihanna calls out Ramona Singer after Leah McSweeney mentions the pop star in latest episode

LeahMcSweeney Rihanna RHONY
Rihanna is Team Leah in RHONY feud. Pic credit: @badgalriri/@LeahMob/Instagram

In case you were wondering whose side Rihanna is on in The Real Housewives of New York Leah versus Ramona feud – and we know you were – wonder no more. Rihanna is decidedly Team Leah, and she has the Married to the Mob drip to prove it.

Leah and Ramona have been clashing since Leah first earned her apple, but Leah upped the ante this week when she brought Bad Girl RiRi into their argument about Leah’s clothing line.

In true Ramona fashion, she offered a back-handed offer to rep Leah’s clothing in the July 28 episode line by teasing, “Let me promote Leah Mob or Mob something.”

Leah, forever unfazed, shot back, “You aren’t exactly my demographic, so it’s all good.”

Ramona Singer is not exactly Leah McSweeney’s ‘demographic’

That’s when Leah delivered the mic-drop moment and inspired the pop star to show her support in an Instagram post later that night.

Leah said, breezily, “I already have Rihanna wearing my s**t, you think I need you wearing my s**t?”

And she’s not wrong. Rihanna proved her loyalty to Leah and her brand by promptly taking to Instagram to show her support. And yes, that shirt is part of Leah’s Married to the Mob brand.

Rihanna even included a short clip of the show, presumably taken while she was watching the episode.

Leah, ever the one to gloat, re-posted Rihanna’s picture with the caption, “Yup @badgalriri is a woman who supports women @marriedtothemobny And she’s also watching and enjoying #RHONY Season 13.” 

Surprisingly, Ramona Singer was a pretty good sport about it

Ramona was a pretty good sport about the whole matter and reposted the clip from Rihanna’s page with the original caption, but not the original image. Ramona is savvy enough to know when to jump on a publicity train, and it doesn’t get much juicier than a Rihanna connection.

This is not the first time the Grammy-winner has revealed herself as a superfan. Last year, she commented on a post made by former castmate Dorinda Medley, expressing her interest in visiting her home in the Berkshires, Blue Stone Manor. Dorinda extended an open invitation to the singer

The Watch What Happens Live Instagram account invited her to come on to talk all things housewives, asking its followers to like the post to let her know they want her to appear on the late-night talk show.

Rihanna couldn’t have picked a better time to speak up, as this season has been one of the most controversial and polarizing of the series’ run. Let’s just hope Rihanna decides to make an appearance on WWHL so we can hear her real opinions straight from her own mouth.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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