RHONY: Leah McSweeney talks feud with Heather Thomson, says ‘she’s really lucky the cameras were there’

RHONY star Leah McSweeney says Heather Thomson is not her cup of tea
Leah McSweeney talks feud with Heather Thomson. Pic credit© StarMaxWorldwide/Bravo

Season 13 of the Real Housewives of New York promises a faceoff between newbie Leah McSweeney and alum Heather Thomson.

Rumors began swirling a few months ago that the two women were feuding, and soon after, they both spoke out about the allegations.

As it turns out, things got so bad that Heather even stopped filming with the group.

It’s not clear what really started the issue between the Housewives, but we saw a small part of their altercation in the Season 13 trailer.

Most recently, Leah also delved a little deeper into her feud with the Yummi Tummi founder.

Did Leah McSweeney chase Heather Thomson off the show?

The Real Housewives of New York star was a guest on Chicks in the Office podcast and talks turned to her feud with Heather.

Leah didn’t deny that there was an issue between them, but was she the reason why Heather stopped filming with the group?

“I guess she…planted a story in Us Weekly– which is why I’ll never talk to them again– saying that I bum-rushed her off the show or did whatever, I was acting exploitative…acting for the cameras,” noted Leah.

“I was trying to stay sane for the cameras so people don’t know how bat s**t I really am. So, she’s really lucky the cameras were there, to be honest,” added the 38-year-old.

As for why she doesn’t get along with Heather, the second-season Housewife said, “Sometimes you just don’t vibe with people.”

Leah explained, “She’s just kind of that chick that’s like ‘you shouldn’t do this‘ and ‘I know everything’ and you know I’m just not with that, that’s just not my cup of tea.”

Despite their feud, the single mom is not taking the blame for Heather’s departure from the group.

“Look she has a strong mind of her own…if she wanted to stay on or come to other events she could have, but she didn’t want to I guess,” remarked Leah.

Heather says she was assaulted on RHONY

Heather recently claimed that she was assaulted on the show, and while she didn’t call out the person by name, it appears she was referring to Leah.

It was actually the new girl, it’s like the new regime that was intimidated by or…just wanted to show who was the queen bee,” said Heather.

However, Leah wasn’t the only cast member that the 51-year-old clashed with during her stint on the show.

She also hinted at drama between her and the OGs as well.

“The podcast comes up on the show and it’s totally taken out of context — mine and Carole’s podcast…They just kept accusing me of talking sh*t about them behind their backs and…talking about them in the press.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday, May 4 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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