RHONY: Jessel Taank claps back at gossip about her home as Brynn Whitfield comes to her defense

RHONY stars Jessel Taank and Brynn Whitfield close-up
Jessel Taank gets support from castmate Brynn Whitfield. Pic credit: Bravo

Never let it be said that Jessel Taank does not have a sense of humor because The Real Housewives of New York City star just had the best response to a petty rumor.

While we’re not exactly seeing the humorous side of Jessel on the show — at least not yet — it’s clear that the newbie doesn’t take herself too seriously.

She recently read a piece of gossip about her NYC home and had the funniest clapback in the comment section.

Meanwhile, Jessel got some backup from castmate Brynn Whitfield, who has quickly become a fan favorite on the newly revamped franchise.

However, Brynn, whose funny side we’ve seen on the show, didn’t see the humor in the untrue gossip about her castmate.

She also clapped back in the comment section of the social media post and called the rumor “bottom-feeder gossip.”

Jessel Taank says her ‘husband and kids are rented’ in hilarious clapback

The RHONY star handled this piece of gossip a lot better than she handled that gift from Jenna Lyons during their girl’s trip, and honestly, that shows growth.

While the green silk lingerie — which she noted was a size medium and not an XS — angered Jessel to the core, the claim about her house being a rental, did not.

Gossip page Deuxmoi shared a rumor about Jessel on their IG Story after someone asked if they had any gossip on the cast.

“Yes! Someone just told me Jessel’s apartment is rented and she moved to NYC for the show and hence why she knew nothing about Tribeca…”

The IG Story was reposted on Instagram, and it didn’t take long for people to comment. However, Jessel caught wind of the gossip, and she had a hilarious response.

“My husband and kids are rented too.. found them on craigslist 😂,” said Jessel, who got some laughing emojis from Brynn in response.

Jesse Tanks responds to gossip about her life
Pic credit: @tasteof_reality/Instagram

RHONY star Brynn Whitfield calls out the ‘bottom feeder gossip’ on social media

While Jessel took the comment with a grain of salt, her castmate and close friend Brynn Whitfield was not amused by the petty, social media banter.

She clapped back on the post and chided the people making up, and commenting on Jessel’s life.

“I anbhor this sort of bottom feeder gossip. Who tf cares even if she did?” said Brynn. “Anyone who would judge someone for renting vs buying in New York, has never lived here. Lol.”

Brynn Whitfield defends her castmate Jessel Tank
Pic credit: @tasteof_reality/Instagram

“New Yorkers pay per month in rent what most people pay for a half a year of mortgage. Leave the place where she raises her kids alone😠,” she added.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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