RHONY fans call out Ramona Singer for sharing her whopping bank account balance while so many struggle

Ramona Singer films for RHONY.
Fans aren’t thrilled with Ramona’s social media activity. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer is under fire for posting her financial information to social media amid a worldwide pandemic.

Ramona has been known to be insensitive but fans feel that she has taken it too far this time.

Ramona posted her personal bank statement listing her latest activities and exact funds on her Instagram story.

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The screenshots show that as of February 22, Ramona had $367,483.70 in just one of her accounts.

Fans are not thrilled

Fans took to Twitter to share the shocking photos and expressed their disbelief at the tone-deaf move.

“Ramona has $367,483.70 in the bank and here I am begging the gov’t for stimulus check,” Bravo blogger account Queens of Bravo tweeted along with screenshots of Ramona’s bank statement.

Many users echoed the account’s sentiment on a similar post from Housewives Fanatic.

“And I’m over here stressing about buying a $20 sweatshirt at target,” one user retorted.

“Wtaf…And HERE you have people homeless living on the streets,family’s barely able to feed their kids,and YOUR showing off how RICH you are in people faces,when people are LITERALLY struggling to survive from all stresses they have financially every damn day,” another vented.

“It’s beyond CRASS, when most people are struggling in a PANDEMIC. ??, NOT cool,” a third fan expressed.

One fan calls Ramona Singer out on Twitter
Pic credit: Twitter/@Lindaja84676445

Ramona deleted the screenshots from her story and allegedly claimed it was an accident.

The women of RHONY have been under fire for how they handled the pandemic

The RHONY women have received criticism for how they’ve handled the coronavirus pandemic. They are reportedly behind schedule because of it.

When a fan recently asked Andy if viewers could be expecting a RHONY trailer anytime soon, Andy flat out expressed they shouldn’t be.

Viewers know that RHONY production got delayed when one of the cast members tested positive for COVID-19. While it was never disclosed which RHONY star had it, many suspect it was Leah McSweeney.

Additionally, Luann de Lesseps angered production when she went to a party in Florida while they were supposed to be quarantined. In several snaps, Luann was spotted without a mask.

Ramona has also been called out for her lack of empathy during the coronavirus pandemic. She had been spotted traveling back and forth from Florida to New York and attending social events maskless.

Ramona had even revealed that she got tested for antibodies and it came up positive meaning she must’ve had COVID-19 at some point.

Hopefully these women will be able to successfully wrap RHONY Season 13 sometime soon.

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Ramona every day hackers go to work looking for targets to hack into and you just gave them a rich juicy target. If you are lucky you will not be taken if you are hacked you are in for a world of hurt. I do not wish that to happen to you but you are asking for it. Here is a current example- if the Russian government can hack into nearly government agency what makes you think that a hacker cannot figure out from what you have posted how to rob you ? Whether a hacker is part of a government operation or a singular entity they know more about computers and the net then we will ever know. Unfortunately for us the honest people they made a choice to use that knowledge for nefarious means. You need to more street smart