RHONY: Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer fall out after Trump vs Biden comparison

Ramona Singer unfollows Dorinda Medley on Instagram after Dorinda posts video comparing Ramona to Donald Trump.
Ramona Singer unfollows Dorinda Medley on Instagram after Dorinda posts video comparing Ramona to Donald Trump. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley may have just announced that she’s leaving the show, but that doesn’t mean she’s quit throwing punches at her fellow housewives.

In a post to her Instagram page, Dorinda boldly shared an edited video that featured clips of the cast from their Season 12 reunion episodes.

The dramatic clips were edited to insinuate that Dorinda was the Joe Biden of the reunion, while Ramona Singer was the Donald Trump. The clips were even edited to include bubbles over their heads stating so.

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Of course, housewives Sonja Morgan and Leah McSweeney were also featured. The two were labeled as the American People during their outbursts.

The most dramatic clips included Ramona’s controversial quarantine behavior

During the reunion, Ramona was called out for her lack of empathy throughout quarantine, and for her lack of awareness in traveling between Florida and New York at the height of the pandemic.

“It was more about the total lack of empathy of how many people are suffering in this country and in the world,” said Leah McSweeney.

Ramona defensively shot back, “I would wake up every morning at 4 o’clock and read all the horrific news.”

When she was pressed further about her unsafe behavior, Ramona erupted into a long-winded story of traveling while she was feeling ill, prior to being tested for COVID-19.

Eventually, Ramona was diagnosed with COVID-19 antibodies, meaning that at one point in time she had contracted the virus.

Things get personal

The video also included the explosive conclusion of Ramona’s confrontation with Leah when she insinuated that Ramona acted as though the rules didn’t apply to her.

The Instagram video showed Ramona as she screamed, “I followed the rules in Florida! And I was allowed to come back b***h!” and it was reminiscent of Donald Trump’s personal attacks against Joe Biden during a presidential debate.

Then, in another clip, Dorinda claimed that Ramona is out all the time.

“Ramona is out every single night drinking,” she said.

Not one to take kindly to a jab like that, Ramona retorted, “I drink water. Why do you think I’m thin?”

When Dorinda snidely responded that she doesn’t think Ramona is that thin, Ramona lost her cool again.

“You are disgusting!” she screamed. “Oh my God. Go to church!”

Ramona doesn’t think the video is funny

Not long after the video was posted, Ramona went ahead and unfollowed Dorinda’s Instagram account.

There’s no indication that it was the video that sent Ramona packing, but it sure didn’t help. It seems that she didn’t find the humor in the comparisons to Donald Trump.

The Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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