RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider ‘sold’ her soul for friendship with Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice

Jennifer Aydin and Jackie Goldschneider selfie
Jackie Goldschneider is now close with Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice. Pic credit: @jackiegoldschneider/Instagram

The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers are chomping at the bit for the new season.

Things have changed since we’ve last seen the ladies, and Season 14 promises to explain it all.

Jackie Goldschneider switching sides and teaming up with Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin has viewers scratching their heads.

Sure, some viewers think she made the right move, but others can’t seem to grasp why she made that move.

Ahead of the Season 14 premiere, Jennifer shared a selfie alongside Jackie and Teresa.

She captioned the share, “New season, New friends! See how it all happens on Sunday at 8pm only on @bravotv @teresagiudice @jackiegoldschneider.”

RHONJ viewers troll Jackie Goldschneider over friendship with Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice

Jackie Goldschneider is a newer group member and came to The Real Housewives of New Jersey as a friend of Melissa Gorga.

She was not friends with Teresa Giudice, and after Teresa talked about possible marital issues she and Evan Goldschneider had, Jackie used an analogy about Gia Giudice that she could never take back.

However, it seems the dynamic has shifted. Following rumblings of a friendship divide at BravoCon last year, Season 14 promises to show viewers how Jackie bonded with Teresa and Jennifer.

In the comment section of Jennifer’s share, viewers came for Jackie.

One wrote, “Jackie ?? Trader u need the money ??? I thought u were rich ???”

Another said, “Sold ur soul jackie.”

Someone else commented how nice it was to see Jennifer and Teresa were still friends despite reports of a falling out.

RHONJ viewers troll Jackie Goldschneider
RHONJ viewers come for Jackie. Pic credit: @jenniferaydin/Instagram

RHONJ has a clear divide

Picking up right where Season 13 left off, Rachel Fuda is gunning hard for Teresa Giudice. She and the OG had a face-off, where she called her “hot dog lips” and kept slinging insults.

Rachel is friends with Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, and Danielle Cabral. Oh, how the balance has shifted.

Now, Teresa, Jennifer Aydin, and Jackie Goldschneider are close. Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will explain the dynamic shift, and hopefully, some of it begins to make sense.

Dolores Catania remains in the middle, as she isn’t one to choose sides. However, lines may be crossed when it comes to her loyalty.

Right now, everything seems to be turned upside down, and the clear divide could spell trouble for future seasons of the hit Bravo show.

Will there be any resolution among the women?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns Sunday, May 5, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
14 days ago

I always liked Jackie and Jen. I have a feeling Margaret Josephs isn’t the nicest person. Jackie was always friendly with Jen. Maybe Jen and Teresa are better friends than Melissa and Margaret, who turn on people who no longer suit them. Remember Cathy and Rosie?