RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider and husband Evan share how they ‘fell hard’ for one another

Jackie Goldschneider appears on Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Jackie Goldschneider revealed she is more in love with her husband Evan than ever. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider and her husband, Evan are more in love than ever after 14 years of marriage. The couple continues to strengthen their love by recalling some of the most significant moments in their relationship, including the moment they “fell hard” for one another.

In an interview for Bravo, the couple shared the moment they knew each other was the one.

“It was a combination of everything. It was her mind, her appearance, her spunkiness. There was a lot of things that initially drew me to her. I was 29 at the time, so I had been dating a lot of girls over a 10-year span plus,” Evan said.

He explained that in Jackie, he found the total package of all he was looking for.

He claimed he was searching for “the unicorn.” Evan wanted his wife to have not only a beautiful face and body, but also to be “beautifully intelligent and also to have the beautiful inside.”

He said he saw that in Jackie “immediately” and the more he got to know her the more he was convinced she was the one for him.

Jackie fell just as hard for Evan

Jackie admitted that her husband is “perfection.”

She explained that he has an MBA and is “brilliant.” She appreciated the fact he was into sports. Jackie loved the fact that Evan had a lot of friends. In fact, she found everything about him to be perfect and pictured a future with him.

The couple married in 2007 in a lavish ceremony held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City. The location was significant to the couple as it was also the place where Evan first proposed.

“We had a hell of a wedding. Talk about spending money on a party. It was beautiful, it was big. It was not too [big]; it was like 200 people. But it was glam like you can’t imagine. The Mandarin Oriental has a ballroom on the 36th floor, and it’s all windows, just looks out over every part of the Upper West Side of Manhattan,” she said.

Jackie loves her husband even more today

Jackie admitted that even after years of marriage and four children, she is more in love with Evan than before.

“I don’t get tired of him. I adore him. I’m not just saying that, I really do. I adore him, I don’t get tired of him. I respect him. We give each other space. We’re not on top of each other. If something’s important to him, I let it go,” she shared with Bravo of the ways she continues to care for her husband.

“I think if we’re ever stranded on a deserted island, I think we may not try to come back. We would just probably stay there,” he concurred of the couple’s enduring love.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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